22 Baby Shower Gifts For Moms


A couple of months ago an old friend (and mama of a two-year-old) sent me a message.

“Hey, at my baby shower you gave me earrings and said it will be important to take care of myself because it’s easy to get lost and always think of your baby first. I didn’t get it at the time, but I 100% get it now and I’m so grateful you said that. Not enough people real talk about parenthood and how hard it can be. Thanks for encouraging self-care and being real.”

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I admit, I teared up. I’ve been a mom for fifteen years. Mothering without losing yourself is the hill I will die on over and over again. To know I helped even one new mama feel comfortable making herself a priority is truly a gift.

I know not everyone feels comfortable straying from the ever-important baby registry, but the truth is, offering a baby shower gift for mom can be a powerful gesture.

Moms-to-be fill their baby registries with all the gear and products that will make their little one cozy and comfortable, which of course. But what about her?

If you want to go off-script and gift something special that’s just for her, we’ve rounded up a collection of beautiful, useful and thoughtful baby shower gifts for mom that she’s sure to love.

Best Baby Shower Gifts for Mom

Pipette To Mama With Love Box



She’s likely amassed a pile of diaper creams and baby washes, but her skin can use a little extra pampering too. The To Mama, With Love box from Pipette is a self-care body ritual kit set that’s designed with pregnant and postpartum mamas in mind. Inside she’ll find body wash, body lotion and belly butter which are all made with clean, science-backed ingredients and a soothing dry brush to help her get that post-baby glow shining.

Private Packs

Private Packs


In the first weeks post-baby, she’s going to need all the soothing comfort she can get. The convenient and reusable hot and cold packs from Private Packs are designed like a menstrual pad to sit right where it counts, offering sweet relief from postpartum discomforts. Price is for a set of 3.

MUTHA Body Set



If a little self-care luxury is in order, this splurgey set from Mutha delivers. The celeb and beauty editor-loved brand–clad in its signature violet chrome packaging–makes nurturing part of their mission and it shows. In this set you’ll find their cult-favorite Body Butter and ultra hydrating Body Oil which both help to nourish and hydrate postpartum skin with hardworking ingredients like shea, cocoa, and mango butters, along with vitamins, fatty acids, and pure seed extracts. The citrusy scent is light but pleasant and makes the whole process feel like a luxe ritual.

mom balls



Cashew butter, oats, flaxseeds, and dates come together to create the perfect post-birth snack. Unlike chalky, vitamin-y tasting power bars, they taste like real food and are easy to digest but best of all, they can also help boost milk supply! Good for mama and even better for baby, they’re perfect for those pinned-under-a-sleeping-baby-and-need-sustenance-now moments. There are a handful of flavors to choose from but the star-spangled cashew confetti is our absolute fave. (Each box contains a one-week supply with four balls in each sleeve.)

mama hospital gown

Gift Gowns


Yes, she can get a gown at the hospital, but as any mom who’s been there knows, they’re the opposite of comfy. They’re rough on sore nipples and with only ties at the back, you’re more exposed than not. Instead, this gown has buttons down the back for easy access with plenty of coverage. Buttons on the shoulders are perfect for breastfeeding and skin-to-skin access and it’s something she can keep using once she’s settled back in at home.

Here for the Burn Cool Mom Candle

Here for the Burn


Honestly, who doesn’t love a good candle? Here for the Burn’s high-end mantra candles feature all kinds of fun sayings and can even be customized with your own special quote. Choose from one of their three signature scents—a fruity mango guava, a rich Moroccan amber and my personal favorite (which sells out on the regular) a fresh bergamot, grass, tonka bean that I want every room to smell like 24/7.

Ingrid + Isabel Mama jacket

Ingrid + Isabel


Appeal to her sense of style and pride in her new title with Ingrid & Isabel’s Insta-worthy denim jacket. There’s even an impossibly adorable “Babe” version to match.

15% Off Your First Order at Ingrid + Isabel with Code MOTHERLY. Valid 4/8-6/30/22

Vegamour Gro Discovery Kit



If the threat of postpartum hair loss is stressing her out, you can be her personal hero with this discovery set from Vegamour. Packed with powerful plant-based actives, their vegan formulas help nourish, repair and protect her postpartum strands and can even help with growth. This 3-piece set includes serum, foam and her new BFF—dry shampoo.

I am strong



A powerful reminder she’ll keep with her on the big day and always.

Kinn Dear Kaia Initial Necklace



What better way to honor and recognize her than with a piece of jewelry she’s guaranteed to treasure? A gorgeous Mama necklace is always a slam-dunk gift. We’ve rounded up some favorites here, including this heirloom solid gold version from Kinn.

Sunday Citizen


She deserves to feel safe, comforted, and relaxed. Help her wake up feeling energized, rejuvenated, and ready to take on any adventure. This isn’t just any ordinary weighted blanket; it’s filled with clear quartz, rose quartz, and amethyst to harness natural healing energy to lower anxiety, and in some cases, alleviate chronic pain.

Tiny Tags The Perfect Bundle

Tiny Tags + Tenth & Pine


A little something for them both! This sweet set includes Tiny Tags delicate “mama’ necklace and the sweetest organic Tenth and Pine onesie for the bundle-to-be.

Hatch To Hospital Box



Hospital essentials, but make them luxe and butter-soft. This dreamy box from the maternity wardrobe pros at Hatch will make her transition into motherhood feel comfy and luxurious with a pair of undies, robe and nightgown all made from organic bamboo. Top it off with cozy organic cotton socks and she’ll feel wrapped in love from head to toe.

takeya cold brew coffee maker



Exhausted, cold brew loving mamas rejoice! This impressive, top-rated coffee maker will keep her fridge stocked with amazing iced coffee with practically zero effort.

Earth Mama Herbal Perineal Spray

Earth Mama


If you love her, buy her this. If you love LOVE her, don’t even wrap it. Just slip it in her fridge and let her know it’s waiting for her. The cooling blend of herbs is a literal lifesaver when recovering from a vaginal birth.

eufy robot vacuum



How incredible that we live in a time where we can legit gift new moms ROBOTS to clean the house? Not only does this top-rated model keep her floors clean, it also buys her more time to snuggle that adorable bundle without thinking about all the chores piling up around her.

Kodak Step Wireless Mobile Printer



Spare her the stress of being another mom with a bazillion photos in the cloud and zero IRL. This wireless mini printer connects via Bluetooth to any iOS or Android phone so she can instantly print her favorites. (Which will be all of them.)

Splendid Spoon

Splendid Spoon

If lugging over a frozen lasagne isn’t your style, you can still help keep her fed and nourished by signing her up for a meal delivery service. Of course there are tons out there these days, but one that we love for new mamas is Splendid Spoon. They’ve got a full menu of light plant-based meals like soups, noodle bowls and smoothies that require zero prep–just heat if needed and chow down. (Also, easy to eat one handed in most cases!) Literally everything we’ve tried is filling and delicious and getting in all our veggies by lunchtime is a huge plus!

(All the plans are delivered weekly and you can build your own menu.)

instant pot

Instant Pot


When the Meal Train runs out, she’s still going to need some help. Instant Pot to the rescue! The 7-in-1 pressure cooker, sterilizer, slow cooker, yogurt maker, saute pan, rice cooker, and warmer delivers more kitchen help than Door Dash (well, almost.) This particular model is one of the best-selling on Amazon with 4.5 stars and almost 159K reviews, so you don’t have to take my word for it. (And she can even use it to make baby food in a few months!)

spafinder gift card

Spa Finder


Who doesn’t love a massage? After giving birth, this could be one of the most refreshing gifts for a new mama. A Spa Finder gift card allows her to choose a local place she loves at date and time that works best for her (once she’s healed). Want to double down (and even sneak in some baby snuggles?) Offer to help take care of the baby during her spa time.

ember mug



Cold or thrice-reheated coffee doesn’t have to be her new way of life. Packed with an app-enabled heating element, the Ember mug keeps hot beverages at exactly the temperature you tell it to long enough for you to drink it. Go ahead, earn yourself best gift giver ever status.

Fourth Phase Afterbirth Box

The Fourth Phase


Curated by moms, for moms, Fourth Phase After Birth Boxes are packed with natural products like nipple salve, flower-based elixir, and belly wrap to help new mamas heal from childbirth. Choose from vaginal or c-section boxes which are specifically curated for each type of recovery and beautifully packaged in a gift-ready box. What’s more, each purchase of a Fourth Phase afterbirth care gift box helps support their charitable partners: African Health Now and their curated Maternity Go Box, which serves a mother and child living in Sub-Saharan Africa, and Passion Meets Purpose and their Every One Matters bag, which serves new moms experiencing homelessness in the United States. Prices start at $150

A version of this story was published June 22, 2021. It has been updated.


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