Feeding a baby while traveling should be pretty easy, although it can be a little more difficult than usual. If a baby is breastfed it is a comfortable way to travel light – you just need to bring a muslin cloth or a light blanket to get some privacy. In case you have problems with lactation due to time zone changes or stress during the journey formula feeding surely comes in handy as it is available in convenient cardboard boxes and disposable bottles. Traveling with a newborn undoubtedly requires more stuff to take with, but there is no reason why you can’t explore the world with your little one.

Before preparation for a holiday with a baby, you need to think about when your child normally eats to be ready with formula in time. Consider the number of feedings to prepare, maybe there is a need to add an extra bottle. Besides, get ready with bottles before you leave to make the whole trip easier. The prepared formula can be stored at room temperature for up to two hours, or one hour if it has already been warmed up. Alternatively, there is a ready-to-use formula which is very convenient because there is no need to stir or refrigerate. So, if there is no way to breastfeed a kid on a journey, you can bring infant milk which can be prepared effortlessly e.g. HiPP Stage Premixed Combiotic Formula with all necessary nutrients which are also included baby bottle for free.

There are different means of transport, but it doesn’t matter which one you prefer, the baby caring instruction do not differ from each other. Let’s single out 5 common tips on how to travel with a baby.

Select the proper formula

While the HiPP formula sold in cans, bottles, or tetra paks is ready-to-use, powdered formula is cheap and relatively light for your luggage. If you decide on premixed formula, keep the bottles in a cooler bag or a few slim reusable lunch box ice packs. If you cannot use sterilizing equipment, you can use disposal baby bottle liners.

When you are traveling with a baby it is better to take more than required cause if you are out of formula, you will have to switch to another one which can upset the baby’s stomach. Check out the infant formula from Holle. Put as much as you can in your carry bag because lost baggies happen quite frequently. 

Choose the right water

Tap water usually varies from country to country and it cannot be safe even when boiled. Make sure you check the water quality or you can use bottled water – sodium should be less than 200mg per liter and the salt is less than 250mg. If there is a pictured baby on the label, it is also safe to drink.

A lot of baby gear

Your life becomes easier when you travel on easy. There is nothing more tedious than lugging around a bunch of junk you don’t need, and packing and unpacking it. Definitely think about your mobility needs. Babies really don’t need as much as we think they do. They need diapers, love, food, and a safe place to sleep. If any baby equipment will be required you can always rent it in the place you are going. It is a great tip to avoid baggage fees. Bring a bag containing a few of your baby’s favorite toys and sanitizing wipes to wipe down airplane trays, restaurant high chairs, bathroom changing tables while traveling.

An extra seat

Even though children under age 2 are usually flying for free it is better to book a separate seat. It not only gives your family more space to spread out and relax on the plane but also it is a much safer option to have an additional seat. A separate seat for the baby is safer and more convenient

Do not wait until your kid is grown up

Newborns are much easier to travel with because when babies start to crawl and move around you will need to watch them constantly. The best time for traveling is 8 months or younger. When you decide on a place, you have to consult with your pediatrician in case any vaccines are needed. Make sure to pack any prescription. Your baby will be a baby only once, so enjoy these precious moments before it’s gone.

Of course, the list is not ended up and depends on your needs, it can be added. For example, dress in comfortable layers in order to change attire quickly. Sucking or chewing helps ease ear pain caused by pressure changes in the airplane. Furthermore, you can ship some stuff ahead. If you are going to Europe, you can take out travel insurance which surely is useful in case an infant gets sick. Finally, do not forget to take a camera to capture all the fun.