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Who doesn’t love the idea of taking their munchkin out for a trip and showing them the world? Whether it’s taking your baby to meet their long-distance relatives or grandparents, or seeing them experience the ocean and the waves for the first time, a vacation with your little one can be delightful for every parent. 

But the truth is, little travellers come with a lot of baggage, and packing for them can get a little bit overwhelming. However, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on any adventure, you just need the right travelling tips with your baby to gear up and be prepared.

Trying to figure out what you need and what items can you skip while packing for a trip with your little one is an art in itself. What essential items should you bring to keep your baby safe, happy, and comfortable? Well, worry not, because we have got your back. 

Have a look at our checklist of items below that will make your trip with your munchkin a little less stressful and a whole lot easier. You may not require everything on the list, but there are plenty of must-haves that you cannot miss to carry in your travel bag.

The Ultimate Baby Travel Checklist : 9 Items You Must Pack

This ultimate travel checklist will make journey with your little one smoother and simpler

How you are travelling with your little one (road, air, train) will definitely influence what items you should pack for the list. Irrespective of the mode of your travel, you must carry the following items in your travel pack. In case you have any queries, do consult your child’s doctor for further suggestions.


Diapers should be the first item on your travelling checklist. Carry as many as you can, just to be safe. A good rule of thumb is to carry one diaper for every hour you will be in transit, plus a few extras in case there’s a delay or an unexpected blowout. Look for diapers that are designed with comfortable materials and are highly absorbent. Do not forget to carry your diaper rash cream too. Diaper rashes are very common while travelling and carrying an effective one can provide relief to your baby instantly.

Baby Carrier

A baby carrier is a must-have item that you should carry on your vacation. If you are flying with your baby, chances are, you will have to check in your stroller at the baggage counter. A baby carrier can come in extremely handy in this scenario and will help soothe your baby easily even in busy areas. Moreover, a baby carrier is easy to take to tourist sites or the beach and will keep your munchkin safe, comfortable, and snug.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is a must-have in your travel checklist

A good motto to follow while travelling with your baby is “always be prepared!” And a great way to ensure that you are all geared up for the trip is by packing a rudimentary first aid kit. Pack adhesive bandages, gels to apply on scratches or wounds, a cough syrup, and also any prescribed medications. Apart from that, make sure you are carrying medicines like ibuprofen and acetaminophen (paracetamol) after consulting your paediatrician.

Tummy Relief Roll-On

Stomach aches are a common symptom in infants during travel. It can occur due to various reasons such as changes in the environment, bacteria, indigestion, and viral infections. Stomach pain can make your little one uncomfortable, fussy, and irritated. To reduce the pain, you can keep your baby hydrated and use a tummy relief roll-on on their stomach. These natural roll-ons are easy to carry and travel-friendly. Look for a roll-on that contains ingredients like hing oil, ginger oil, fennel oil, peppermint oil, and more to soothe your baby and reduce discomfort.

Extra Clothes

Carry comfortable, soft clothing for your baby

Make sure to carry enough outfits for every day and just a few other extras. Choose comfortable, soft, and breathable clothing to avoid your baby from getting fussy. While going out, dress them up in clothes that come off easily, such as zippers to make diaper changes on the road quick and mess-free. Plus, dressing them up in zippers means you don’t have to worry about lost socks or shoes.

Zip Lock Bags

Blowouts and spit-ups are inevitable during travel, so always ensure to carry zip lock bags with you. These bags fold easily and come in handy in situations where you are unable to dispose off a soiled diaper immediately. This will also reduce the risk of any mess, and you can just toss these bags into dustbins as soon as you find one.

Toys And Books

Bringing your child’s favourite toys and books can keep them entertained in long journeys

Long-duration travels can make your infant bored and fussy easily. To avoid that from happening, make sure to carry your child’s favourite toys and books. Choose toys that keep them distracted and illustrative books to read to them before nap time.

Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are those multi-purpose items that you might want to keep close to yourself while travelling. Sticky hands, dirty bottoms, accidental spilling, runny noses, the baby wipes help clean it all. Carry two full packs of baby wipes in your luggage and one in your diaper bag. Make sure the wipes are made of gentle and organic ingredients to avoid any irritation.

Changing Mats

Changing diapers while travelling can be quite tricky. Always carry a changing pad where you can securely rest your baby before changing their diaper. If you feel that carrying a changing mat will add to your load, you can consider investing in a diaper bag that comes equipped with a foldable changing mat to make your job easier.

Efficient Packing Tips To Help You Travel

  • Start packing a few days ahead of your journey. Create a proper checklist of items and keep checking the boxes off as you put the items in your travel bag.
  • Use a diaper bag with comfortable straps and waterproof lining.
  • To prevent leakage, carry syrups and toiletries in sealable plastic bags.
  • Pack hats and baby sunscreen to protect your little one from sun damage.
  • Don’t forget essential items such as homemade snacks, handwash for kids, and sanitisers.

Timely planning and preparation can make travel with your little one as simple and smooth as possible. Follow the tips that we suggested to keep your baby happy and comfortable and we are sure that after this, they will not mind exploring the world with you.


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