A Boon For Crying Babies And Anxious Parents


There are health professionals who opine against cornstarch, infant powders, or any other variety of powders on a baby’s skin. As a substitute, they advocate lubricating emollients for diaper rashes. On the other hand, quite a few mother and father swear by the effectiveness of the therapeutic skills of cornstarch.


Authorities try out to demonstrate this contradicting perspective on cornstarch by making an attempt to attract your interest to the rationale guiding the diaper rash. As you know, diaper rashes are ordinarily induced due to a mixture of wetness, friction, as well small air, and in some cases irritants (exterior solutions that appear in get in touch with with your baby’s pores and skin, like wipes, bathtub solutions, and many others.) as well. There are different sorts of diaper rashes –


  • Chafing (most common sort)
  • Yeast
  • Intertrigo (pink area that oozes)
  • Impetigo (bacterial infection)
  • Eczema

If your baby’s diaper rash is prompted due to chafing (prompted by friction), then cornstarch is the most powerful. Cornstarch getting silky in texture not only minimizes friction amongst the skin and diaper, but also shields the skin.


In circumstance of intertrigo, the place the rash oozes out, cornstarch – which is also a drying agent – is essentially suggested.


As far as using cornstarch on diaper rashes triggered by yeast is involved, there are notions that it may well aggravate it further. Nevertheless, it is NOT accurate.


In accordance to a study done by J.J.Leyden in 1984, it was found that cornstarch does not maximize the development of yeast on pores and skin instead it acts as a shield in opposition to injuries that could be prompted by friction on the influenced space of the skin.


Cornstarch has been revealed to minimize frictional rashes (yeast-contaminated pores and skin is pink and sore) experimentally induced in volunteers.


Between the other causes guiding the recognition of cornstarch are that it is simply available, natural, and price tag powerful. Having said that, if cornstarch or other dwelling remedies for diaper rashes do not feel to perform, go to your pediatrician.



  • Use cornstarch sparingly
  • Make sure that you keep it absent from your baby’s facial area
  • Use 100% pure cornstarch


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