Anushka Sharma asks fellow parents about ‘No’ parenting vs. ‘Yes’ parenting: Here’s how it impacts parent-child relationship


Recently Sonam Kapoor said she is heading to be a “Yes” mother. The actor’s response was in reply to an Instagram tale posted by Anushka Sharma linked to a person of her assignments.

“I’m curious to know, how numerous periods in a day do mother and father finish up expressing NO? From display time to food solutions, to substances in toys…the list is limitless,” Anushka wrote and added, “Are you a Indeed parent or a NO mother or father?” In reaction to her put up, Sonam wrote: “I feel I am heading to be a Sure mother”.

How often do you say ‘no’ to your youngster? Do you conceal your anger and/ or disappointment with the “no”? Is your no, a real no and not just your incapacity to say yes?

Parenting is a tricky college of discovering and just like we dreaded assignments in educational institutions, we dread heading wrong in parenting.

On No’s and Yes’ people would have combined responses. Although many would say No is excellent for a child, many many others would assert that No kills the curiosity of the growing decades and Certainly nurtures it.

At instances the execs of No’s could possibly outweigh the pros of Yes’ and vice versa. But what issues at the end of every thing is the manner of upbringing and the incorporation of values.

‘No’ parenting

Mom and dad have various factors to say No, just like other parents who have several thoughts on saying Certainly to a baby.

Pretty frequently we see moms and dads shielding off anxiety, stress, and problem under the “No”.

“Mom, can I have a chocolate”


“Father, can you acquire me a new toy”

“Mother, I you should not want to eat this vegetable”

“No, you have to”

“Father, I want to go outdoors and engage in”

“No, you can’t”

What “No” parenting lacks is rationalization. It leaves a massive empty house which could have been loaded with an rationalization.

A kid’s curious head is extremely observational. Youngsters always appear for responses and this is why they tend to inquire a large amount of inquiries.

As for each a investigate review: Preschoolers’ questions may perhaps perform an important function in cognitive development. When small children encounter a dilemma with their present expertise state (a gap in their knowledge, some ambiguity they do not know how to resolve, some inconsistency they have detected), asking a concern will allow them to get focused info just when they have to have it.

“The capacity to question inquiries is a impressive resource that permits kids to obtain data they will need in order to understand about the environment and remedy problems in it,” the analyze claims.

And a ‘No’ kills this curiosity.

‘Yes’ parenting

It will come with its have execs and cons, say many mother and father. Old-rule believers will generally say that far more ‘yes’ would make a child wayward. “Fantastic” kids do not occur from Yes’ No’s make a kid good and liable.

Numerous people today see, ‘Yes’ parenting like providing in to the requires of the youngster. This is partly legitimate.

“Yes” parenting usually means supplying responsive responses to the kid.

“Mother, can I have a chocolate”

“Certainly. But how about obtaining your foods initial and then possessing a piece of chocolate”
“Father, can you acquire me a new toy”

“Indeed. But how about we engage in with all your previous toys 1st and then prepare them neatly in your toy cabinet”

“Mother, I you should not want to eat this vegetable”

“Sure. But do you know when you eat this vegetable you can really earn the sack race”

“Dad, I want to go outdoors and participate in”

“Yes. But what about we view a cartoon alongside one another initial”

Indeed: The artwork of expressing No to your kids, with no expressing No

‘No’ sets a boundary, it will help the youngster recognize the offers of the globe. ‘No’ equips the little one and prepares it how to face the worldly affairs, several little one psychologists say.

Just like a child’s thoughts is unable to course of action a ‘No’ at times, there are possibilities exactly where it may possibly not grasp the intentions of ‘Yes’.

Thus it is quite critical to locate a middle floor and continue to be there firmly no make a difference how slender the floor is.


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