Benefits of Singing in Kindergarten


Kindergarten children naturally love to sing! It is one of the many ways they learn. Music and singing should be a part of any good quality Pre School or Kindergarten program. Children instinctively like to hum, sing, make up songs, make sounds and experiment with rhyme and language and therefore we should use this to an advantage and bring learning to children through song. Singing is often one of the ways we bond with our children from a very early age-from the soothing lullaby to nursery rhymes or fun educational songs as they get older.

What are the benefits of singing at Kindergarten?

  • Singing assists in the development of musical skills such as rhythm and beat
  • Singing also makes learning fun and is a feel-good activity!
  • Physical skills are enhanced when combining actions with song
  • Singing is a wonderful way to encourage cultural awareness-learning songs in other languages or learning about others
  • Language skills acquired through singing such as rhyme assist in reading development
  • Singing is also a great breathing exercise and action songs and singing games can be a terrific aerobic exercise. Singing has health benefits too! It releases endorphins and makes one feel happy and positive
  • Quieter children also find singing a wonderful emotional release mechanism and it is a great form of self expression.
  • Singing encourages memory skills
  • Not only language based skills are enhanced but mathematical and scientific skills also.
  • Singing is a spontaneous activity and can happen anywhere, anytime without the need for equipment or resources. Songs can be made up to make the words relevant to the topic or personal to a particular child
  • Singing can boost self esteem and confidence in children. It is a way of sharing their learning with their families in a fun and positive way.
  • Singing also aids in developing listening skills and speech sounds
  • The repetitiveness of language used in songs helps children’s learning at this age and they are more likely to retain this information
  • singing together creates a feeling of connectedness,community and sharing

Singing is a wonderful activity that presents many benefits to the Kindergarten or Pre School aged child. Early childhood teachers have long known that singing is one of the most effective ways for children to learn. A program rich in music and singing experiences will almost certainly be a place where children are enjoying their learning in a fun and relevant way.

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