Birthday Party Guest Lists – 4 Critical Success Factors


Composing a guest list for your kid’s birthday party would seem to be a straight forward process. After all, you’re just inviting family members and your child’s close friend’s right? Well, there are some additional factors that you should take into consideration before slapping together any old guest list.

The Cost Factor
Every additional guest you add increases the cost of the party. Before you know it the tab can add up pretty quickly! You should try to break down the total cost of the party per guest and use that as a guide to limit your expenses.

For example, let’s say that with food, party favors, game prizes, invitations, and everything else the cost per guest comes out to $5. If you have a $50 budget that means you can invite ten people. If you expect a large turnout, it’s probably a good idea to look for ways to drive that cost per guest down.

The Personality Factor
Let’s face it… Some people are just no fun to be around! Don’t hesitate to exclude people from the guest list who will drag the other guests down. The purpose of a birthday party is to celebrate and have fun! If one of the guests is going to spoil it for everyone else, exclude them. This is often a hard decision to make, but I promise your child’s party will be better for it.

Also consider the behavior of the children involved. If one of the kids is consistently rowdy, an instigator, or just plain rude do you really want to deal with them? Chances are they will dominate every party activity and spoil the fun for the other children. If you’re excluding a child based on their behavior, don’t be afraid to explain this to their parents. Chances are they already know there’s a problem.

The Fun Factor
Let’s face it; some people are just more fun to be around than others! This goes for children too. Try to make sure that people like this are sprinkled throughout the guest list (so long as they get along with the others). It’s true that some people really are the life of the party, and those traits start to show at an early age!

The Chemistry Factor
Sometimes people just don’t get along. Try to be aware of any potential personality conflicts before organizing the guest list. Remember, the party is supposed to be FUN for your children. The last thing you want to do is make them feel awkward around someone they don’t like.

You should probably include your child in the planning process so they can clue you in about potential issues. Careful planning now will ensure that your child’s party is a success later!

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