Do You Care Enough to Keep Your Children Safe?


How much do you really know about what your kids and loved ones do online? There is more than half of the parenting population in the United States that are not aware of what site their children are visiting on the Internet.

Why is this so important? Did you know that many children are abducted due too someone they have interacted with on the Internet. Letting your loved ones roam freely and unmonitored on the Internet is the same as tossing them into a prison and leaving them there for the week. I am sure some people think this is an exaggeration but have you looked at the number of sex offenders in the United Sates lately? There is over 500,000 and how many of them do you think have Internet access? More than half of the residences in the US have Internet access, so you tell me how sexual predators there are.

There is not only worries of sexual predators but you child becoming involved with children that are older than them becomes an issue for some parents because they then begin trying to do things that a teenager may attempt with the common sense of twelve year old on board. That is a scary thought. My son often gets himself in trouble at four years of age because he watches a nine year old and tries to do what she does and put his own four year old logical spin on it and it turns out all bad. This happens more than most parents realize because the younger kids think the teenagers are cool and the teenagers think the 18-21 year old are way cool and want to be able to do what they do.

What are the dangers of you not knowing what your child is doing online? They could be approached by a sexual predator; they could be confronted with extreme sexual material. They could be approached by someone trying to gain knowledge about when you are or aren’t home to rob your house. Most people saw the story on the news a few months ago about the guy that posted on Twitter he was out of town and his house was robbed and they had determined it was someone off of his Twitter list.

Have you ever had the discussion with your child what they are not supposed to tell people on the Internet? It is just like we used to teach our children telephone safety and stranger danger, now with technology we are forced to teach our kids another form of safety, Internet Safety. If you are interested in tips and tricks for how to comfortably approach your child and feeling comfortable enough to know what you need to warn them about then you can visit numerous sites on the Internet to educate yourself.

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