October 3, 2023

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Dos And Don’ts Of Filing A Camp Lejeune Case

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Nobody likes to get involved in a legal case. There is too much work, such as completing the paperwork, finding evidence to prove your claim, and attending court dates. Moreover, arguing with the other party for compensation can be both mentally and physically tiring. 

Suppose you have been affected by Camp Lejeune Water Contamination and are considering filing a legal claim. In that case, it is recommended not to take on the journey without the support of an attorney. Without expert advice, you would be unable to avoid common mistakes and ruin your claim. 

Dos and don’ts of filing a Camp Lejeune case


  1. File early. 

If you have served at the US Marine Corps training facility in North Carolina and suspect that you may have acquired an illness, do not wait to take action. Visit your doctor and ask them for a diagnosis as soon as possible. Check the list of the diseases associated with the situation and see whether you have one of them. 

You may still have a claim even if your illness is not on the list. It is essential to consult with an attorney and initiate the claim quickly. 

  1. Gather evidence. 

One crucial part of the claim filing process is gathering evidence and witness statements. The evidence-gathering procedure can be one of the toughest since it is no easy task. You must collect medical records, proof that you could not work and lost wages, evidence of emotional and mental suffering, etc. Your attorney may even need to call expert witnesses for the job. 


  1. Fight the case without legal representation. 

Do not make the mistake of taking on Camp Lejeune without solid representation. While the law allows you to be your attorney, legal cases can become very complex. There are several tasks, from filing paperwork at the right time to gathering evidence and witness statements. You do not want to burden yourself with so much work while battling a health condition. 

  1. Hide your previous injuries. 

It may be possible that you had certain injuries and health conditions before you acquired the illness from the contaminated water. This may cause you to think that your claim will get rejected. However, that is only a myth. Just because you already have a health condition does not mean it cannot get worse because of the water. 

Moreover, no matter how much you try to hide your past conditions, these will come to light once the doctor analyzes your situation. Then, you might lose credibility with the court.