Effective Potty Training Tips for Girls and Boys


One challenge most parents face today is their children. They have many questions in mind like when to start training and how. They can turn to pediatricians who provide good tips for boys and girls. They can turn to their own parents for potty training tips for children. In addition, there are many articles online about this.

If you are a parent who wants to know basic and effective potty training tips for boys and girls, read on. These will surely help your child take the next step in childhood.

Step # 1: Introduction to Potty Training

The first thing you should do is introduce the idea of potty training to your child. Show your child the toilet first before you train him or her. Part of boys and girls suggests placing the child on the toilet each night before bathing. This will allow the child to be familiar with the toilet and to take away any fears or anxieties.

Many children also tend to feel insecure when using a tall toilet. This is why it is important for you to buy a child-size toilet. Children will feel more secure if their feet touch the ground. The reaction towards potty training may vary. Some children might want to have privacy. If this is the case, close the bathroom door or step outside while your child uses the toilet.

Step #2: Make Use of a Puppet

This is one of many of tips for girls and boys that are effective. Children learn quickly especially when an adult models the action for them. You can do this by using a puppet. Buy a puppet with a body that is long enough to place a turkey baster. Have the puppet sit on the child’s potty and squeeze the water into the toilet.

Upon seeing this, your child can follow suit. You can make your training fun by giving the puppet a name. You can even let your child play with the puppet so the child will remember your instructions.

Step 3# Have a Good Reward System

Prepare a small basket filled with toys and candies and allow the child to choose a treat after using the toilet. You can also have a chart system where your child can put cute and trendy stickers. For example, if your child earns two or three stickers a day, he or she will get a treat.

Other Things to Consider

Even if armed with enough potty training tips for girls and boys, using the toilet can still be a difficult task for both parents and their children. Parents must always be patient with their child. They should understand that using a toilet is a new concept and it can take time for them to change their habit of using a diaper.

Potty training tips for girls are similar to those for boys. Make sure you talk about using the toilet before beginning potty training so your child knows what to expect. You can bring your child with you when shopping for underwear. Let him or her pick out the underwear to make the process exciting.

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