Five Card Game Ideas For a Small Group of Friends, Entertain Your Friends With Party Games


Learning how to play card games like spades and hearts are a great way to have fun when you only have a few people over instead of a big party. You still need to entertain your friends, so try inviting them over for a few games of cards. It’s fun, there’s competition and laughter, and best of all, you’re getting to catch up on how their doing. There’s also different card games for any number of players, so pick a new game and try it out with friends, you might be surprised how much fun you have!

Another idea would be to invite a certain amount of people over and have a tournament in the card game of your choice. Texas Hold’em is very popular but if you don’t like that you could make teams of two and play a spades or hearts tournament. Start a Rummy tournament or even a one on one cribbage tournament. Playing any game with a slight twist in the rules can be very exciting. Try playing one on one solitaire where each person plays their own game and the first one to win gets a point. Play to 5 points. Or when you’re playing a card game with multiple hands, have the winner of two hands in a row make a rule (can’t use first names, no swearing, must hold the cards with the opposite hand etc.). If someone breaks a rule they lose a small amount of points. Make sure the rule is fun and goofy to create more laughter within the group.

That’s just a few ideas to get your friends over and have some good cheap fun. Make sure to switch houses so that one person doesn’t always get stuck being the host. Also try to play new games each week to keep the excitement. It’s not as fun when everyone is down and dirty serious about the card game they’re playing. The main idea is to keep the excitement!

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