How to Find A Nanny Job As a Recent College Graduate?


Congratulations, you’ve graduated from college! Now what? If you are a typical American college graduate, you are most likely dealing with a whopping loan that you took out to pay for your education. Not only that, but now that you’re a graduate, you probably can’t qualify for reduced student housing prices, either. And yet, like so many millions of other recent college graduates, you may be having a lot of trouble finding work in your field. While working as a nanny following college is not a typical first step for a career, more and more people are taking nanny jobs as a practical and positive life step.

Nanny jobs give you experience in household management, develops your sense of responsibility, gives you an opportunity to develop trustworthiness with your employer, and may bring you into a network of social and professional contacts that you may not otherwise have access to. It can also provide free accommodation, the free use of a car and a cellphone, as well as a salary. Living for free for one or two years, while earning a decent salary, can give you a great start on paying off those student loans for good.

If you are interested in finding work as a nanny, your first step should be to do an online search for agencies that will arrange placements or give you access to a database of employers looking for nannies. Nanny Available is one such reputable online agency. It will give you the opportunity to post your profile and search for employers whose specifications match yours. You can also run ads in local papers or magazines, or go to a “bricks and mortar” nanny agency that resides in a physical building. Using online agencies usually cost the client less, though, so naturally they are becoming more popular. Furthermore, online agencies can provide contacts for jobs all over the country, whereas local agencies usually specialize in one particular area. If you have never worked with children before, an online agency can help you find jobs as a babysitter. Once you have a few good references from your babysitting jobs, you should be able to build a strong profile for finding work as a nanny.

If you are interested in seeing a different part of the country for a good while, consider looking for work as a nanny. Online agencies are usually set up to target major metropolitan areas where the demand for nannies is greatest: Boston, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Toronto and Philadelphia are all popular placement areas. These cities also all have major universities, and your status as a college graduate may make you very appealing to a prospective employer who would like you not only to work as a nanny to their children, but also as a tutor. Your track record in academic excellence and your proven love of learning will make your resume stand out from nannies who may have more experience, but less formal education.

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