I saw my father hit my mom. Short stories on mental health

I saw my father hit my mom. Short stories on mental health


I observed my father strike my mother. Quick tales on psychological health a story about a girl who saw her father hit her mom and how she was dealt with it.

“We were being a happy household, my mom, and my father! We were a usual household who goes out on Sundays when we return home after possessing chaat which is my favored. My dad has a printing store and I guess this was pretty considerably it.”

I was 12 when we had a loss in our business. Things started out likely downhill considering that then. We experienced a tense environment at household. Mom and father ended up primarily silent and did not chat a lot. Father didn’t chat to me a great deal possibly.

I saw my father hit my mom. Short stories on mental health
I observed my father strike my mom. Limited stories on mental wellness

I observed my father hit my mom. Small stories on mental well being

He was pressured a great deal and strike my mom in Infront of me when. This was challenging for me to consider, to see my mother currently being hit by dad! I was stunned, frightened, and frustrated and didn’t understand what was going on. I was not coming outside of my room much.

Irrespective of all this my mom was robust and she arrived to me and experimented with to clarify to me what transpired. she informed me how we have a large credit card debt on our heads and how daddy was pressured. She was headstrong and tried to chat to my father that I observed what transpired.

We all spoke at the evening meal table. My dad explained sorry for what all took place. He discussed to me how we are in massive credit card debt and in that pressure I come about to hit your mother. I am sorry! Each of you!

We all had a family hug and had our supper in silence but I was relieved. This was poor certainly, but we, as a relatives are going perfectly.

I saw my father hit my mother. Quick stories on psychological well being

This is a uncomplicated fiction tale about how smaller factors issues for Mental Wellness. How spouse and children bonding will come to rescue us from currently being even more drowning in melancholy.

In this series, I would generate about a lot more these fiction stories in which smaller aspects would aid the character into a much better point out of thoughts.

I saw my father hit my mom. Short stories on mental health
I noticed my father strike my mother. Limited tales on psychological well being

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