Lucca Vudor Shoe Review : Comfort with Style | The Wacky Duo


Lucca Vudor Shoe Review : Comfort with Style | The Wacky Duo

Time to head back to the office.

With work from home being phase-out in April, it is time to update the
wardrobe. For ladies, they could probably get away with clothes they had in
the past. As for shoes, it may be time to update them. For one, if you do not
wear your shoes regularly, the soles would probably be in need of repair.

Thus when Lucca Vudor offer to update the missus shoes, it was good timing.
Since we are reverting back to ‘normal’, it would mean that she will be
travelling rather frequently. That means a good pair of shoes is a must.

Lucca Vudor is a local shoemaker with an online store. It offers a wide range
of working shoes for ladies. From open-toe to close, the timeless range would
be suitable for different occasions. If you were to ask the better half to
pick a pair, it would probably take as long as they would at a retail

The unique feature of Lucca Vudor shoes will be the soft calfskin leather
insole. The insoles are made of Lambskin and it blends comfort and style,
ensuring that you have a good and comfortable fit.

This is a must for ladies who are on heels for most workdays.

Lucca Vudor Haniya X8620-2 

The pair of Lucca Vudor Haniya X8620-2 shoes is a pair that keeps the Lucca
Vudor trademarks in mind. It is a low heel, a dark blue variant with calfskin

The missus had tried and is happy to report that this pair would be a great
pair of shoes for overseas travel where she will be constantly moving from
place to place. The colours are also versatile to match with most clothes.

Lucca Vudor Hagar 8923-18.

The other pair that she had chosen is the showy Hagar 8923-18.

This bronze beauty with silver heels will immediately bring attention to your
feet. Made with the signature Lucca Vudio Pressure Relieving Sole, you could
wear this pair to any event or a more dressy feel to the office. 

It is the perfect complement to the Haniya.

Other than heels, Lucca Vudor offers sandals and flats. This range is more
suitable for casual or Friday wear to the office. 

The price of the shoes ranges from $69.90 onwards to above $100. Occasionally,
the shoes are marked out and you may even find sizes that fit. The good thing
is that they offer a free trial of 7 days. If you are not happy with the
sizes, you can return them in their original condition (together with
packaging) to get a return or refund. This way you could shop online with the
assurance that you can get a pair that fits.

If you would like to try them out, check out the full range here!


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