Mums share ten ‘worst’ baby names and their brutal reasons for each


Mums on Mumsnet have compiled a list of the “worst” baby names. The mums have taken to the parenting platform to share details of the ten baby names.

Parents have given their reasons for hating the names, and some are downright hilarious. The forum was titled: “What would you never name a child and why?”.

In response, dozens of mums left their responses in the comments. Some of the reasons given by the parents were pretty savage.

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The names were as follows:

1. Mia.

One mum wrote: “Because it means “missing in action”.”

2. Lana

One mum wrote: “As spelt backwards, it looks rather rude.”

3. Fanny

One mum wrote: “For obvious reasons”.

4. Grace

One mum wrote: “Because “there are very few accents that say it gracefully”.

5. Amelia

One mum wrote: “As one mum “find(s) the ‘me’ so whiny”.

6. Graham

One mum wrote: “As “it sounds like “Grey Ham'”.

7. Flora

One mum wrote: “(it) makes me think of bacteria”.

8. Alexa

One mum wrote: “Because it sounds too much like the virtual assistant.

9. Mercedes

One mum wrote: “She’s a child not a car”.

10. Luna

One mum wrote: “Because “it’s a pet name”.

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