Over the past, jumping to conclusions, especially the wrong ones, has cost me so much. Like when taking a test of some sort, they always say that your first answer is almost always the most correct. Often, when someone leaves me a brief message and I hear nothing else from that person my mind will start racing and I’ll come to the wrong conclusion. If I had just trusted the universe will always provide for me then maybe I could have saved myself a lot of unnecessary grief.

I am the type of person that needs a pat on the back every once in awhile otherwise my mind will start creating a lot of bad situations. I know that a lot of other people suffer from this same dilemma. Instead of jumping to conclusions we should learn to trust the old saying that “No news is good news”. How much failure has been caused by people jumping to the wrong conclusion?

I know of at least 2 jobs I have had that were lost because of me jumping to the wrong conclusion. When our kids are late getting home for the evening, parents a lot of times will starting jumping to the wrong conclusion. When our other half has gone out and they say they will be at the mall or something then they come home late or never go where they told us they were going, I know for a fact then when my wife does this I will always jump to the wrong conclusion which has caused a lot of fights that could have been avoided had I never jumped to the wrong conclusion.

My son last week paid for a service through some web site and now he is going to destroy everything because he has not heard anything from the person who was paid to do the work, it has only been 4 days. Last time this person disappeared for about a week was because his wife had a new baby during this time. Now my son should never have paid everything until the work had been completed which is something else I will address in another post in my Blog.

Why is that there are some people who never have this problem? I know some people that have plenty of patience to just let everything take its natural course rather than jumping to the wrong conclusion about things. I guess a lot of this can be attributed to how we are raised early in our lives. Maybe somebody needs to outline the right way to do things so that it can be given to all new parents when they have a child?

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