September 24, 2023

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Parenting Classes For Divorce Or Co-Parenting Classes – What’s the Difference?

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Many states require divorcing parents to attend parenting classes or co-parenting courses. The concept of having divorcing parents take a class started in the 1990s with California, Florida and Texas requiring classes before divorce. By 2001, 28 states had requirement for divorcing parents to attend classes.

Many parents were offended. They felt their parenting skills were being questioned. Since the purpose of the classes were to teach divorcing parents to cooperatively parent their children, some states changed the name from parenting classes to co-parenting classes.

Is there a difference between these classes? In most cases the answer is “no”. They both will teach you how to develop a new relationship with your ex and move forward in a co-parenting relationship. Many classes for divorce will also add some parenting strategies to help build your already-in-place parenting skills.

In either class, you will learn how divorce affects your children. Classes for divorce help you identify your parenting style and learn parenting techniques, and strategies for building your own mental health as well as your children’s. Most parenting and co-parenting courses will teach you approaches to coping with anger and enhancing your communication skills.

The best way to help children through the pain of divorce is to teach their parents to step back from their emotions and cooperate in ensuring the best for their children. Working through divorce issues while remaining good parents is a new experience for everyone. This is not a skill parents learned from their own parents.

These courses are especially designed to focus on the children. They teach divorcing parents how to form a new relationship that will benefit their relationship for the good of the children. They will introduce techniques in anger management, stress reduction, methods to raise self esteem and avoiding conflict. They teach the effects of divorce on children and explain how children react to divorce. A parenting class for divorce will also include lessons on approaches to raising children, discipline and punishment, understanding behavior and fulfilling children’s needs.

Advantages to Taking Online Parenting Classes For Divorce

Convenient: With most online classes you can study any time and anywhere. Be sure to look for online parenting classes that allow you to work at your own pace. Some online classes require you to log in at certain times or receive weekly lessons. Most classes allow you to log in and out at your own convenience.

Private: Only you and the court staff will know that you have signed up for parenting classes.

If you have been told that you must complete a class, I hope that I have helped you understand what divorce parenting classes and a co-parenting classes are.

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