Penelope: Show Review by Debra Nussbaum Cohen |

Penelope: Show Review by Debra Nussbaum Cohen |


Penelope: Display Evaluate by Debra Nussbaum Cohen

Penelope: Show Review by Debra Nussbaum Cohen |

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Ladies have made and created quite a few issues for which men acquired the general public credit. The game Monopoly, for instance, contrary to the tale composed on a paper prolonged bundled with each new match, was developed as a cautionary tale by Elizabeth Magie, a staunch anti-capitalist. Mary Sidney, Countess of Pembroke, is considered by some to have published operates attributed to William Shakespeare. And Homer’s “The Odyssey?” Some students advise that the tale of Odysseus, king of the Greek town Ithaca, and his ten years-long journey property from the 10 yearlong Trojan War, was not penned by the poet Homer, to which it has been historically credited, but alternatively by Odysseus’s queen, Penelope.

Hung on the thread of this slender historical likelihood, as famous in the program, a pleasant new musical, titled “Penelope: Or How the Odyssey Was Seriously Created,” has been created by Peter Kellogg (ebook and lyrics) and Stephen Weiner (audio). Made by The York Theater Firm, it is playing its globe premiere at the Theater at St. James on the Upper East Facet.

It tells the tale principally from Penelope’s point of view. Beset by 5 men recognized collectively as her suitors, Penelope should contend with their feeding on and drinking her out of palace and farm as they squat in the palace, waiting around for their queen to give up on her husband’s return and agree to make one of them king.

The suitors – generally played as about-the-best campy homosexual adult men – overtly vying far more for energy than Penelope’s heart periodically and adeptly split into a barbershop quartet (just one suitor is an occasional customer instead than continual presence), beautifully harmonizing a la Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons or The Beach Boys. The suitors are comically played by Cooper Howell, David LaMarr, Jacob Simon, George Slotin and Sean Thompson.

To stave off their strain, Penelope – beautifully played and sung by Britney Nicole Simpson – reads aloud letters that she claims are from Odysseus, relating his journey homeward and conveying the disasters maintaining him away so very long. The suitors increase doubtful, regardless of the king’s seal on each and every scroll. Penelope flaunts a bottle in which just one missive appears to have arrived.

But in Act Two huzzah! Odysseus appears, washed up on the seaside, clad in rags with flowing very long hair. Handsomely performed by Ben Jacoby, Odysseus is discovered by his son Telemachus (Philippe Arroyo, in his off Broadway debut), a 20-yr-aged who never ever truly realized his father prior to the gentleman left to battle the Trojan War. Telemachus also has the unfortunate high-quality of fainting at the sight of blood. Which doesn’t deter him from courting Daphne, the local swine slaughterer, who is often smeared with their blood. Maria Wirries’ winsome portrayal of Daphne will make her a convincing adore fascination. In actuality, Odysseus only manages to persuade Telemachus that he is his prolonged-lost father by recalling an early episode of his son fainting at the sight of blood.

Again in the palace, his wonderful curls now shorn, the sexual attraction between Penelope and Odysseus is palpable. When she exhibits him her missives, he insists that they had been composed by the blind heroic poet Homer. The musical comedy ends, regrettably, with Penelope resigning herself to that inaccurate attribution. A fate shared by numerous feminine writers and inventors through background.

“Penelope: Or How The Odyssey Was Genuinely Written” is a classical romp of a musical comedy, and worthy of viewing for an entertaining superior time.

It runs for 2 several hours, such as a 15 minute intermission, by April 24th. The theater is located at 150 East 76th Street.Tickets for Penelope are $55 to $75 (in addition $4 convenience price). Tickets may possibly be purchased by going to Ovation tickets at, or by calling the Box Business office at (212) 935-5820, Tuesday-Friday 12:00PM-5:00PM, or by means of e-mail at [email protected].

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