Pre-Wedding parties are becoming all the rage. While you can still have your Mehendi and Sangeet, follow these with a party for your close friends and relatives. If you are having a Christian wedding, combine you rehearsal dinner with a great party.

You want your pre-wedding party to be different from your reception. So, what better way of doing this than by having a themed party? Here are some ideas for pre-wedding party themes.

Beach Theme/ Goan Theme
You can ask your guests to dress up like they are going to the beach. Try having your party in a place where there is a lot of sand or near a pool. It’s time for everyone to bring out their bikinis, sun hats and flowers garlands. You can also make the food you serve fit into the theme by serving sea food and Goan specialities.

Pirates Theme
With the Pirates of the Caribbean being such a hit movie, choose to dress yourselves as characters from it. The eye patches and hats are always easy to do.

Bollywood Theme
Dress yourselves and glam up like Bollywood celebrities. You can do a Zeenat Aman from ‘Hare Krishna Hare Ram’ or Aishwarya Rai from ‘Jodha Akbar’. The men can have a riot trying out beards to look like Amitabh Bachan or like Shahrukh Khan from ‘Devdas’.

Disney Theme
Every girl wants to dress up like a princess. So, what better time to dress up like Cinderella than your wedding? Finding an elegant pair of glass slippers will be difficult though.

Arabian Theme
Get some of your belly dancing moves in order and throw an Arabian Nights themed party. You can dress as Aladdin or as Jasmine. You can also just decide and don a scarf and a long dress.

Village Theme
With songs like Munni Badnam Hui becoming famous, you can choose a perfect village setting. Bring in loads of hay and chatais to complete the look.

Vampires Theme
Twilight puts a swoon in almost any girl’s heart. So host a vampire themed party. The dresses can be Van Helsing style or Twilight style. You can go berserk with making the wine and cocktails look like blood. Time to get the fangs out!

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