PSLE Cut Off Points 2023 IP Express Normal : Full School List | The Wacky Duo


 PSLE Cut Off Points 2023 IP Express Normal : Full School List | The Wacky Duo

PSLE Cut off Point ( COP )  for 2022 is out.

This year’s cohort will be the second 12 months working with this new PSLE scoring system. We in contrast the 2022 outcomes vs the 2021 result that was presented by MOE based mostly on the modelling of T-scores for 2021. You can use this to infer the COP for 2023. 

If the benefits of preceding scores would be taken into thing to consider, there should really only be minor changes of factors. Hence use this tutorial with this thought.



Points to note


There is the next year that will be dependent on the new scoring process implemented due to the fact 2021. P6 pupils taking the exam will obtain Achievement amounts of 1to 8 for just about every of their 4 subjects. The total rating will be the sum of these achievement ranges. Contrary to the previous PSLE process, the lessen the rating, the much better. The least expensive possible rating 1 could get is 4.

The scoring program is as follows

Resource: MOE

For Foundation stage topics, the scoring will be weighted for an equivalent common level AL

Indicative, the placement of Convey, NA, NT will be as adhere to.

Raw Rating

Indicative array of COP each individual independent scores vary for Government & Govt aided colleges, autonomous schools and Impartial Faculties

Govt Aided Universities

Specific (IP)  7-9

Express (O Degree) 8-22

Typical Academic  21-25

Usual Tech 26-30

Autonomous Universities

Specific (IP)  7-9

Specific (O Stage) 8-15

Standard Academic  21-24

Normal Tech 26-30

Unbiased School

Convey (IP) 6-8

Express ( O- Stage 8-10

SAP College / Higher Mother Tongue Language (HTML) necessity

It is noteworthy that SAP educational facilities also have more HCL scoring attached to the points.

HCL Grading as follows

D= Distinction

M = Merit

P = Pass

The HCL grades of the 1st and past scholar admitted into SAP educational facilities are mirrored in parenthesis. If the to start with or final university student did not consider or move HCL, no HCL grades would be shown. 

E.g. 10 (P) and 11 (D)

The student with 10 (P) will have precedence over 11 (D)


1- An All round PSLE score of 8 or far better


2 An overall PSLE rating of 9-14 and attain

AL1 or AL2 in MTL or Difference / Advantage in HMTL

Position Issues

Following yr, the rating of the college will engage in an significant portion. With the reduced difference in scoring, this would mean more levels of competition for the similar college. For learners with comparable scores, the one that ranked the university higher on their alternatives will be thought of more than the other.

Selecting a school can not be as frivolous as it was in the earlier, exactly where you can ‘try your luck’ for bigger COP faculty as your first alternative.


Given the restricted vary of scores, balloting may possibly be doable for slots in Secondary Universities. Contrary to Prior PSLE T-scores with decimal details to determine the placement, less than the AL scoring process, it is not doable to distinguish students with the identical variety of points. As a result balloting may be necessary for this case.


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