Read about Your pregnancy calendar

Read about Your pregnancy calendar
Read about Your pregnancy calendar

Pregnancy is something which is full of excitement and comes with lots of markers and milestones. Your baby will grow and develop at a rapid pace. There are a total of 40 weeks in your pregnancy calendar, but here we are going to discuss only the trimester which one to twelve weeks. So here is the overview of each week. You should always remember that weight, height and the developments are averages. The baby is going to grow in its place. 

Thousands of studies conducted on the feelings and overall effect of individuals during pregnancy say that the pain is worth it and special!

First and the second week

Though you are not pregnant in the first and second week, Doctors uses the date of your last period for the pregnancy date. The follicles on the ovaries develop tills one or two dominate releases during the ovulation. This will occur around 14 days after the period starts. 

Third week

At the beginning of the third week, the conception occurs after ovulation when the egg is being released and gets fertilized by male sperm. After the fertilization, the baby’s sex, eye colour, hair colour and the other characteristics gets determined by the chromosomes. 

Fourth week

Your baby is just implanted in the uterine lining and now the small fetal pole around 1.25 inches long. The heart is forming along with the leg buds and arm, spinal cord and brain. 

Fifth week

For getting an idea of the baby’s size, you should look at the pen’s tip. The embryo has only three layers. The ectoderm will get turn into the nervous system and skin. The mesoderm forms the muscles, reproductive system and bones. The endoderm will make the mucous membranes, intestines, lungs and more. 

Sixth week

In the sixth week, the heartbeat of the baby gets detected usually as the fast flicker on ultrasound. 

Seventh week

The baby’s face will get definition slowly this week. The legs and arms will look like the paddle, and they are bigger than the top of a pencil eraser. 

Eighth Week

The baby has graduated now from the embryo to fetus. It weighs around less than the 1/8 ounce and only an inch long to the rump. In the 8-week pregnancy symptoms, there will be lots and lots of changes in your body, mood and everything. 

Ninth week

The baby’s heart will start beating regularly, and their toes and fingers will start sprouting. Their brain and head will develop, and their organs will start working together. 

Tenth week

A girl or a boy? The baby’s genitals are now starting to develop in this week. But you are not able to detect the sex in the ultrasound yet. 

Eleventh week

Your baby is about 2 inches long and weighs 1/3 ounce. Most of the length and the weight are in the head.

Twelfth week

The baby now weighs around one ounce and three inches long. The vocal cords get starts to form and the kidneys are functioning now. 

Final words

This calendar is properly based on the first trimester. You will get to know the changes in your baby every week. In this twelve-week calendar, you can notice the change in your baby’s size. You can maintain a pregnancy calendar in your home and check it out the changes.