For me, writing a review on The Sandys Diaper from Motherease is a delightful activity due to the reason that I was previously impressed with another product from Motherease.

At last I found a fabric diaper where I do not have to wipe the bed-sheets or the jammies after a night’s sleep from my peeing little chase stallion. The Sandys diaper is my new most desired fabric diapering product. I also have their One Size fabric diaper, which I bought and was overcome with Motherease, in that way I discovered this product and it showed the way to me to contact Motherease for more information.

My baby used to cry every now and then at night when he was in a cloth diaper so we swapped to disposables for night time use and I put him in Motherease for the first time. He slept all night through and that was with the Sandys diapers. I was a very happy cloth-diapering mom as I choose for him to sleep in cloth.

I have an intense wetter and I mean it. The diaper fitted with Airflow cover was sent to me to use with The Sandy. My baby did not leak through nor left the area unpleasantly smelly like pee. The Sandy diaper has a liner, your set and holds 15oz. of fluid. The large-sized Sandy cloth diaper that what we found is one of the most porous cloth diapers ever made by Motherease.

With the Airflow fitted diaper covers, diapers come with changeable rejoins at the leg and waist openings and have an air aeration system between the rejoins, very imperative so skin could ‘respire’. This lets for utmost air flow as baby budges and it lessens the threat of bacteria by maintaining the warmth inside the diaper down. Little hands cannot flog these off.

I am really happy with my Sandy diapers from Motherease as I look ahead of seeking more products like trainer pants, All in One Cloth diapers and their swim diapers (a should have for the summer).

Motherease has been around for over 20 years and it has most definitely put the Mothers at ease.

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