Supermom In Training: When it’s not “bullying,” but “teasing,” then what? | Parenting 101


Supermom In Training: When it’s not “bullying,” but “teasing,” then what? | Parenting 101

My son is delicate. He gets his thoughts hurt pretty very easily. It’s possible it truly is simply because he is an only kid and hardly ever bickered with or bought teased by a sibling. If a kid helps make a unpleasant remark or phone calls him a identify, he’ll dwell on it for times.

I get it: I am undoubtedly a persons-pleaser like my kiddo. Back again in my college days I was a serious ham, but it was to get the initial giggle and keep away from the teasing. I was normally incredibly tall and extremely skinny, and I was a reactor so I was a best concentrate on for the PITA kids. But my son is these kinds of a combo of my partner and I: people today-pleaser like me, but a lot more tranquil and reserved like my other 50 percent, so he is not 1 to “ham it up.”

This morning was a morning of tears just before school. Sigh. I’m producing this on a Monday – soon after a exciting weekend, it generally sucks to go again to college on Monday. But 3rd quality has been rough for my son. He’s in a 3/4 split so he’s had a restricted pool of 3rd quality mates to pick from (because a fourth quality boy would under no circumstances participate in with a 3rd grader!). He was house with me last 12 months so he skipped a calendar year of socializing with mates, and that may possibly have taken its toll a little bit. And 3rd quality feels like kindergarten all around once again in that friendships are altering, young ones are transforming and getting their way again, and you will find just a great deal of politics (lol).

Plus, he is getting teased a bit… it’s not seriously bullying due to the fact I know the youngsters who are carrying out it – they had been his buddies and they are just pushing his buttons simply because he allows them. He doesn’t want to rock the boat so he won’t just lower them out (plus, with only 12 3rd graders, if he cuts them out he said he’ll be by yourself all day). I don’t assume he seriously knows how to combat phrases with words. So all I can explain to him is to make the most of it, get by means of it, maintain his head up, and just one working day, this will never make a difference.

But it matters to him now. A whole lot. To the issue of tears this early morning. And my mommy heart sank. I’m however worrying, hence this rant of a website.

I think my son feels a bit missing at university now. He does not truly know who his loyal, great good friends are. He’s even now wading by immersion and performing college in a language that is just not his mother tongue. It’s been a tricky calendar year, and I am just as enthusiastic as he is to see it wrap up future thirty day period.

Any other moms and dads out there who can establish? What words of knowledge do I move on to my kid?

A full-time do the job-from-house mom, Jennifer Cox (our “Supermom in Training”) enjoys dabbling in balanced cooking, craft tasks, spouse and children outings, and additional, sharing with audience everything she knows about becoming an (almost) superhero mommy.


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