The Greatest Assets A Parent Can Give To A Child


Bringing up a child that will become useful to the society is the dream and wish of every parent. Some parents have succeeded in achieving this; I mean Barack Obama was the child of someone who did his job well. Some have not succeeded not because they didn’t try, but because they didn’t know exactly what to give and when to give it. And yet some didn’t succeeded at all because they think ”I didn’t get it from my own parents so why should I struggle to give it out.” What I want every parent or parent to be to take note of here is, you can’t give what you don’t have. And since these things are inevitable in the upbringing of a child, you have to walk on them considerable yourself.

Ok, let’s move on. Bringing up a child putting the following in the right quality and quantity, then you are sure to send forth your child into the society, that will make you proud and bring you joy.

Love: This is the greatest asset a parent can give to a child. This gets even better when it comes with the discipline love. Children Psychologists have even come out with a concept of saying ”I love you” to your child even when they are still babies. You don’t want your child to hear for the first time ”I love you” from someone who just want to use them sexually or in any other form. Charity begins at home, so be the first one your child hear the words ”I love you” from. When a child has the feeling that ”my parents love me,” he/she will not only be able to love him/herself but will also be able to pass that love to the society and to their children when they become parents. Remember, loving your child also mean not sparing discipline from them. What you want to be doing here is, if your child does something wrong, you give him/her the type of punishment you have set for that particular ”crime,” but make sure the later feeling of the child is this ”every time I do something wrong mom or dad punishes me, but when I apologize, every thing gets back to normal” Don’t you ever remain them of what they did wrong yesterday today, for this will gradually lead them to the feeling ”I’m so bad I can’t do anything good” Every now and then, look them in the eyes, tell them that ”I love you” and kiss them on the forehead. Each time you do this, you will notice an immediate response from the child’s end; they will give you those innocent smiles that refresh the heart like a fresh bath on a sonny day.

Security: When a child has the feeling ”my parents got my back,” this is going to increase their boldness outside, so they can not be easily pushed around by others. Insecurity brings fear, and fear brings anger, and the later will cause them to hate themselves and eventually others. But mind you, when a child becomes too secured, they might become rude to others and lazy thinking ”my parents are always there.” What you want to be doing is, make them know you’re always there no matter what, but you’ll not always be there and that life is not as simple and fair as they see it when still under your protection. Don’t be afraid to tease them to anger every now and then (fathers you’re good at this), watch scary movies with them and see how their little hearts boost into fear. What exactly am I trying to bring out here, as parents, a child has to get all the protection he/she needs from, but at the same time, you have the duty to make them know this will not last, they will one day have to stand on their own, fight for themselves, become parents and so on.

Playing your part as a parent in instilling this two vital elements in the life of a child, will go a long way to create a better society, and you’ll be able to tap your chest one day I say ”that’s my child.” Things like love, never depart from the heart, and giving your child the ”right type of love,” will not only help them bring their children the same way, but will also help them take care of other relatives and friends who lack in that area. And don’t you get tired or frustrated, if the child is not responding, keep doing it and sooner or later they will, and they’ll thank you when they are grown ups and understand a little better about life.

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