November 27, 2022

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The Montessori Continent Song – Lyrics & Activity — The Montessori-Minded Mom

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Geography is one particular of the most fascinating subjects for youthful youngsters. Remembering the names of the 7 continents is a person of the early challenges for youthful learners – and which is where the Montessori Continent Track will come in.

This track is a lot of fun for youngsters to sing and in Montessori classrooms, it is frequently a music and movement exercise carried out for the duration of circle time, incorporating a significant map rug.

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How are the continents launched in Montessori?

In a Montessori classroom, continents are to start with launched conceptually with the Sandpaper World and the Colored Continents World.

Through these lessons, kids gain an comprehending of how the earth is built up of both of those land and drinking water.

Kids are also launched to the vocabulary, “continent” and “ocean” through these classes.

When kids get the job done with the Puzzle Map of the Globe, towards the conclude of their to start with year of major, they study the names of the 7 continents.

The Continent Tune is frequently sung together with an exercise whereby a baby jumps from one particular continent to one more, alongside with the lyrics.

The Montessori Continent Track Lyrics

Notify me the continents, Tell me the continents,

Notify me if you can –

There is North America, South The united states, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Do not ignore Australia Really don’t fail to remember Antarctica.

Tell me the continents, Explain to me the Continents, Tell me if you can.

The creator of the tune is mysterious, but it has been utilized in heavy rotation in Montessori universities for fairly some time.

So lengthy that quite a few folks phone it the Montessori Continent Song as an alternative of only the Continent Music. (There’s almost nothing particular to Montessori about the lyrics.)

Down below is a online video of the Montessori Continent Music and the accompanying exercise.

The rug becoming employed for the action is termed the Palms Close to the Earth Area Rug and is designed by Pleasure Carpets. (Pictured under)

I hope you get pleasure from this musical geography action in your residence or classroom!

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