The Wordle Analogy | bleuwater

The Wordle Analogy | bleuwater

Wordle in two!
Texts to my son to share my excellent Wordles. Amusing I really don’t share the five or 6 tries.

My son released me to Wordle throughout a person of my latest trips to get care of my adult little ones. My son experienced shoulder and foot surgical treatment this 12 months and my daughter experienced COVID. She necessary me to grocery store, go to the cleaners and acquire Waffles the pug to the vet when he was throwing up. My son essential assistance with everything.

In any case, I to start with wrote about the game Wordle Below. When I began playing, I identified it seriously tough and confusing. Then my son taught me his system of acquiring starter words and phrases. Now, I never ever skip (knock on wooden.) And from time to time, the starter term is so fantastic that I get the remedy in two, like yesterday morning. Woo Hoo!

When, I decided towards making use of the starter word. Huge mistake! The Wordle WAS the starter term. That would have been a hole in one.

You see, my son gave me the Wordle golf analogy. Four is par. 3 is birdie. Two is an Eagle. If you are not a golfer, you may possibly pass up the correlation. If you really don’t participate in Wordle — you in all probability really do not treatment.

Enable me know if you are actively playing Wordle in the remarks. Do you perform just about every day? Did you quit Wordle? Did you go onto a further activity? If you’ve observed an additional sport, be sure to share what it is. I might want to attempt it.

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