Two choices: quit or keep trying

Two choices: quit or keep trying


swimmers in a pool
My young children discovered perseverance and to under no circumstances give up from swimming.

Recently I misplaced an full manuscript that I failed to back up. I was devastated. My computer system was randomly deleting files and the automated backup I assumed was likely on — was not.

It’s been a longtime purpose of mine to have a book published. I’ve composed several manuscripts, but so considerably the objective has been elusive. When my hottest try disappeared I was tempted to stop entirely. I’m not finding any youthful and maybe I’m losing my time.

But I acquired over myself and I am savoring writing the manuscript with a fresh new perspective and new POV.

This incident reminded me of a publish I wrote a number of many years ago when I was dissatisfied and pretty much give up. Here’s a bit of it:

I bought an unlucky electronic mail yesterday. It was from an agent, who was reviewing my mid-quality novel I’ve been operating on for yrs. Extensive tale brief, it was a no.

This is a significant intention of mine, to get this book posted. Finding an agent is a person stage along the way, and I experienced glimmers of hope when a couple agents were being really interested and one particular in individual, desired eight weeks to just take a deep dive.

When my husband consoled me I stated, “I have two options. I can give up or maintain going.”

4 times due to the fact that e mail, I ran into messages like a person was inserting a large neon signal in front of me with precise instructions.


Fishing at Big Bear Lake
Father fishing at Major Bear.

A single

Father shared that he used almost a few hrs fishing yesterday. He was prepared to give up, but determined to cast a person additional time in the previous number of minutes before he was due to return the boat. Of course, he caught a fish!


I was hunting at FB and a writer mate posted how fortunate she was to locate various 4-leaf clovers yesterday soon after hrs of on the lookout. She explained to under no circumstances give up. Never!


On Twitter, I observed from bestselling author Brad Thor a reserve suggestion for #Grit, a e book about enthusiasm and perseverance. Sure, I’ll order it from Amazon now.



On, an write-up jumped prior to my eyes: “6 Recommendations TO Maintain YOU CHASING YOUR SWIMMING Targets WHEN YOU Experience LIKE Supplying UP,” by Olivier Poirier-Leroy, who writes really fantastic stuff for swimmers that can be employed in all areas of daily life.

Below was section of his information to get in contact with your feelings when you began on the journey:

“What are the reasons that I want to reach this purpose? Record 2-3 causes for why this target is vital to you. This is the easiest way to get in touch with your original set of motivations.

How will you come to feel when you push past the resistance you are experience now? Consider back again to the past time you kicked down the wall of resistance that was in front of you. Yeah, that time. How did you feel later on? Proud? Like a certified O.G.?

Will you regret providing up a year from now? Envision your self a year from now. A year smarter, a 12 months older, and hopefully a calendar year further together. Is “Future You” heading to be pumped about you obtaining stop these days?”

I acquired the information loud and apparent. I’m not supplying up on my goals or dreams. This is all element of the process, and sure there will be some ups and downs. It’s so cliched, but it’s also genuine.


I made the decision to place absent the mid-quality novel just after I submitted it to an editor who was a speaker for a webinar. For a fee you could get a critique. He gave me the snottiest, most hurtful critique. I’ll acknowledge my inner thoughts were being hurt. Probably it was additional of a reflection of his identity than my writing. I have started off other projects which include the manuscript I’m operating on now. In the long run I may perhaps get the mid-grade novel out and just take a new appear.

Yes, having a rejection letter and a nasty critique are not fantastic. Quitting on a aspiration would be worse.

How do you tackle disappointment? What targets have your provided up on? What targets are you still pursuing?


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