What Good Girls Need To Know About Bad Oral Sex Techniques


Do you know you really shouldn’t keep making your man wait for a blowjob? I figure this goes against a lot of what you have heard but it is true. In fact if you want to turn your man on you’ll follow my advice and learn how to be the dirty nasty girl he will love in the bedroom.

I know you have all heard that a man wants the nice girl next door type. Well that is true…part of the time. He wants that girl to meet his parents, friends and co-workers. But he wants a bad girl in the bedroom. Do you know what the worst thing your man can say to you, “I swear baby I won’t come in your mouth”. This is the kiss of death for a relationship. Let me explain this one to you.

If he is promising not to ejaculate it means he is getting really desperate for a blowjob. He believes the only way he can get one is by bargaining with you. What has happened is you have made him wait too long so he is trying to be the nice guy and get one that way. Do you honestly think your man really doesn’t want to come in your mouth? Come on! Almost every guy wants you to do that, it’s just a guy thing.

What has happened is he thinks you are just a good girl who doesn’t want to give blowjobs. You think they are disgusting and vile. Although you may not feel that way, by waiting so long to go down on him it is the impression you have left on him. Although this is a situation that is easily fixed. Remember earlier I was talking about how guys only want a good girl half the time? Well this is the time you need to get your dirty girl side going. Even if you don’t have a dirty bone in your body, it may just require a little bit of role-playing on your part.

So do you know what the plan of action is? You are going to give him the blowjob of his life. I don’t care how many blowjobs you have given in your life, they don’t matter. I want you to act like this is the first one you have ever given. So when you get your man stripped I want you to look at his penis like it is the first one you have ever seen. Start off real slow, act like you haven’t a clue about what you are doing. When he is fully aroused and beginning to moan, this is when you kick it into high gear. You are going to suck him like the porn stars do. You want to give him the blowjob of his dreams. And make him forget all about this ejaculate in your mouth thing. If you want to shock him and turn him on order him to come in your mouth.

Once he does come and I can guarantee after that performance it will be sooner than later, you want to really moan loud. Let him know just how good he tasted, make it for all it is worth. This is how ever lasting memories are made. I know it is sad, but honestly there are guys who can not remember their anniversary or the day their first was born, but they remember the day they had their first blowjob. So it is up to you to make sure he thinks you when he thinks of blowjobs. Now is the time to make sure you are that woman he will never forget.

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