What to Do When Your Toddler Drops Her Nap


Re-publishing this previous article with updates. This claims 2.5 several years old… no way. My daughter dropped her nap at 1 and my son at 1.5. It is the worst. The only matter that is effective for the little one particular now is the car–thankfully we have an electric 1 with the gas so crazy! Make sure you ship me your ideas at [email protected].


All mothers and fathers like nap time. It is crucial for kids and for us. So, what do you do when your toddler decides to drop her one and only nap? It can come about for children aged everywhere from 2.5 years previous and up. How do you know when they have truly dropped their nap?

Has she really dropped her nap?

For the duration of the course of a week, if your little one is awake in the course of nap time far more days than not, then s/he is likely on their way to dropping the nap.

My child is going to slumber sooo late at evening!

You might actually want to have your little one fall their nap if your youngster doesn’t slide asleep right up until immediately after 8 or 9 pm.  That’s what we made a decision immediately after a lot of extensive nights with our 3 12 months previous, who was chirping all night time. She fortunately took a 2 hour nap from 1-3 pm, but when nighttime arrived, she would not fall asleep till 10 or 11 pm. We had been likely crazy as she popped in and out of his place with ever more absurd requests of an apple, a tissue, the light-weight on… and off and on and….  We misplaced it and decided to just take the bull by the horns.  We minimized her nap from 2 hrs by increments of 30 minutes more than a system of a couple of months right until it vanished. My peace and silent vanished also. That is right up until I obtained with it and instituted RESTING TIME.

How resting time saved all of us:

A good deal of mom and dad refer to this silent slice of heaven as either “Resting Time”or “Quiet Time”.  Some kids just take to it right absent and other individuals don’t…and it’s possible never ever do.   It’s like nap time in normal- it will take some education, repetition and tolerance.

Below are some strategies on how to make “Resting Time” get the job done in your home.

  • Explain it very well. This is a total new notion for them and for most toddlers, not a specifically welcome a person. “What? Time by myself? You indicate YOU are not going to be enjoying with me each and every second?”  Present your child what you are likely to do throughout your resting time and request him what she would like to do for the hour of his resting time.  Help her come across the ideal kind of activities and put them in a pile for her.
  • Set principles. Determine out what guidelines you want to create. We had a “no talking” rule- unless of course she essential support likely to the potty. Now that she can go on his have, we have a organization “no talking” rule.  Other moms and dads say “no running, no yelling, no music”, and many others.
  • Be beneficial. Resting time doesn’t perform if a kid feels like it is a punishment.  Try out to inform them how thrilled you are for your own resting time (which, of class, you are!) and what you system to do for it.  Convey to them how they get to participate in with their toys all by them selves. This will work especially if they have a sibling.
  • Established up particular toys for resting time. Sometimes owning an out-of-arrive at basket stuffed with toys exclusively for resting time can make that hour truly feel distinctive.  You can swap the toys in and out as time goes by.
  • Be reliable. So, this 1 looks like an axiom of parenting suggestions in general, but it is essential to bear in mind for resting time as well.  Maintain the time and spot constant. After it is a frequent part of the plan, they will not protest. Be client with them and oneself. The regimen will arrive collectively and most little ones begin to look ahead to resting time. Sure, genuinely.
  • Established a timer. Sometimes it assists anyone if you can set a timer. Your youngster can check out the time transfer and know that resting time is fifty percent or just about more than. It also prevents the inescapable problem, “Is resting time above?”
  • Prepare for afterward. I like to convey to our daughter what we will do soon after resting time is about so she has anything to search ahead to just after being peaceful and by himself.  It doesn’t have to be something huge: time to examine a ebook jointly, a “tea party”, a trip to the park, and so forth.
  • If your child is not taking to it….. Try this: discover a quiet spot in your dwelling in which you can lie down with your studying substance and obtain a location for your little one nearby. Set a timer close by. Modeling how you enjoy your resting time can enable them see it is a optimistic encounter. This can also help with any separation stress.  Once you are both equally comfortable with resting time, the subsequent stage is to go them into a independent space.

A facet be aware: Our daughter, 1.5 yrs afterwards (virtually 4 many years previous) even now has at minimum 1 hour or Resting Time every working day in her tent. She performs with her dolls or animal figures, builds with blocks, reads, attracts, and so forth. She’ll stay in there for up to an hour, correctly material, since she feels like she is form of hidden from the globe and in her specific spot. Sure, it seriously is effective!

A observe of caution: don’t rely on finding your possess crack in each and every day in the course of Resting Time. Someway our little ones feel to know just when we want seriously need to have some quiet, and come to a decision that Resting Time is caput on that unique day.

****(Acquire it from me, all of this goes to hell after you go on vacation or visit an individual- so lessen your anticipations though absent.)


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