5 Ways to Encourage Your Husband — The Better Mom


Most of us are really good encouragers. At minimum when we want to be. 

We have uplifting text for disheartened people today. We know how to support discouraged pals. We use kind terms when our young ones are battling. Usually, our encouragement comes natural, perhaps due to our God-provided means to nurture.

However, occasionally we fall quick of encouraging the one particular individual we need to motivate the most — our husbands. I’m certain some wives have spouse-encouragement mastered, but shorter-transforming our person can be a temptation. Possibly mainly because we see their strength and never feel they have to have encouragement. Or it’s possible it’s because we see their flaws and really don’t assume they deserve it. Or perhaps it’s just a issue of practicality — we truly feel pulled in so lots of instructions and we simply just forget about.

But eventually no matter whether they have to have it or not, no matter if they should have it or not, and even when we’re stretched also skinny — we ought to make a pattern of encouraging our husbands. And who superior to really encourage every single person than the helper God picked for him (Genesis 2:18)?  Who greater to deliver “gracious words” that are like “sweetness to the soul and well being to the body” (Proverbs 16:24)? I know when it will come to my relationship, I want to be #1 voice of sweet, gracious, supportive text in my husband’s ears! And I visualize you do also. 

Listed here are 5 strategies we can stimulate our husbands:

#1 Verbalize one thing he’s performing nicely. 

Certainly you see anything your partner is undertaking which is worthy of a kind term. Never just assume it, say it! Notify him he does this sort of a very good position with… (I’ll allow you fill that in). Even if you mention the easiest factor, who does not like their efforts appreciated?! Do this often— perhaps not so considerably that it would seem silly, but everyday would not be a negative purpose. 

#2 Explain to him how you prayed for him. 

Initial of all, you will need to basically pray meaningful prayers for your spouse. But soon after you do, notify him (even just through a quick text). How spurred on he’ll be to hear you’re praying for his massive conference, or you’re praying he can make a variation at get the job done, or you are inquiring God to give him power to retain operating challenging. Many instances we will say these items to our buddies, why not to our husbands?

#3 Tell him you appreciate him. 

Unrelated to anything he does, take a instant to say “I like you.” I really don’t indicate the ultra brief cellular phone simply call closing, “I adore you, bye.” I imply consider a moment to glimpse at him and say “I definitely love you.” Or randomly get in touch with or textual content him with these words. Really don’t abide by it up with a question or a business enterprise product — go away it at I appreciate you. Those aren’t unique encouraging words for every se’ —but those 3 phrases say a ton. 

#4 Master what receives him down, and be there to carry him up.

Everyday living has it’s discouragement, and inevitably your partner will expertise his very own. Determine out when this occurs, and check with God to support you sensibly occur along with him. It’s possible there are kind terms you need to say that relate to a essential location in his lifetime. It’s possible he just wishes you to pay attention to his struggles and then hear that you nonetheless feel in him. Maybe a hug will discuss volumes. Be the individual who’s there when he needs encouragement. 

#5 Speak of his attractiveness. 

Whether your husband seems to be as dashing as the male you married or not, he need to still be the item of your attraction and affection (just as you hope to be to him as you “age”). So let him know it! He should know you adore him physically, not just emotionally, or relationally. Even communicate positively of your wish to be intimate with him. For a lot of husbands, this may perhaps be the greatest way to really encourage him – he may know you really like him, you are there for him, you take pleasure in him, and you are praying for him, but does he know you want him? I listen to this is a crucial way to set a pep in his stage. 


Let’s be the #1 voice of sweet, gracious, supportive words to our husbands! Guaranteed, they are not fantastic (neither are we!), but that’s no motive to not encourage any (and all) good you see in your gentleman.

This 7 days, let’s purpose our encouragement at our husbands!

— Heather Speed


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