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Hello mates,

It is summertime in Europe, and we have been blessed enough to be able to vacation to Greece, my home place. We started off with a holiday getaway in Crete, my father’s homeland and the kids were very fired up to obtain out that they have quite a few older relations and 1 aunt in certain who’s 93, really chatty, balanced, and strong :). We expended time with my father’s twin sister and the little ones acquired to see the backyard and how watermelons, cucumbers, aubergines, tomatoes, and plenty of other fruit and vegetables mature. In moments like this, I am reminded of how critical it is to pass on our languages to our kids. The encounters, the bonding with men and women and sites, are so a lot deeper, total when they can properly converse and come to feel the language at an emotional degree.
Now we’re in my parents’ nation dwelling in mainland Greece, but however shut to the sea, and I have practically accomplished my new children’s book titled “Nelly’s Box“. This ebook will be the 3rd a single in the bilingual book sequence and it will be released this month. It is about a child who’s now attending a international language course, and this language also takes place to be just one of her household languages. The remarkable illustrations are by the artist Eve Farb. The initially bilingual editions will also be posted throughout July.

The story has been prepared even though possessing in thoughts the requires of bilingual young children, their households, and academics + to be used for language classes these kinds of as working towards conjugating verbs employing the present tense, vocabulary, etc carefully weaved in a storytelling structure. For the people today who have just just lately subscribed to my site and publication, I was in the beginning educated as a foreign language teacher (Bachelor’s degree in French Language and Literature/Philology from the Countrywide and Kapodistrian College of Athens, Certificate of Proficiency in English by the University of Cambridge), and afterwards on, I bought an MSc degree in World wide Advertising from the University of Cambridge. I speak Greek (native), English, French, and some essential Norwegian. I’m in an ethnically, culturally, and linguistically blended relationship, increasing trilingual small children.

We’re creating a reserve together once a lot more!

-> I shared this variation of the tale in my FB readers’ group (there have been some little edits due to the fact that submit). “Spanish” will be replaced with “Greek”, “French”, “Italian”, “German”, etcetera, based on the focus on language per bilingual edition. I’d enjoy your feed-back and strategies for alterations via e-mail if any. 

-> There’s also a poll likely on in the team, inquiring for your input, so that I can prioritize translations dependent on your chosen language(s). If you’re not in the FB group, you can also allow me know by way of electronic mail – just hit “reply”. The top rated possibilities right now are Italian, Spanish, French, Greek, Dutch, and German. As generally, you will be able to download the Book editions for no cost on start.

-> I will attribute children’s boxes in the previous web pages of my new e-book “Nelly’s Box” (like I did in “Cousins Forever” with our children’s paintings and beloved text). Some of you have despatched me shots of boxes with some of your child(s)’ favorite items – thank you so a great deal 🙂. If you haven’t performed that nevertheless, and you’d like your child’s box to be integrated, be sure to deliver me a picture (higher resolution) at [email protected] by Friday the 15th of July! Here’s what I have so far.

An astounding new program for mom and dad increasing bilingual little ones

Ute Limacher-Riebold Ph.D., Language Advisor & Intercultural Communication Qualified, and also selected researcher and contributor at PEaCH – EU Project, introduced her very own Ute’s Worldwide Lounge Academy with courses for moms and dads elevating bilingual kids and multilingual kids! I attended “E.N.J.O.Y. Elevating Youngsters with Various Languages for moms and dads of to 4 year old children” and this is the review I posted on my blog.

PS. Here’s a photograph from our vacation in Crete exactly where I bought to fulfill Early Childhood Educator and Writer Christina Konstantoudaki, operator of the Paper Kittens On the internet Bookstore, who imports and sells completely my books in Greece. We met on line quite a few several years ago, and we have been exchanging suggestions and manuscripts at any time because. It was pretty special meeting her in individual ❤. Pleasurable fact, she released me to a close friend who’s married to a neighborhood guy, who as luck would have it, turned out to be a distant relative and a person of my father’s nephews :).


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