Beach party for all ages
Everyone loves a good beach party, especially during the hot summer months of the year. Now the best setting for a beach party is when it’s held at the beach or around a large pool yard. Yet with some creativity any party including birthday parties can be transformed into a really energetic and fun beach party. For this however you will need the right decorations, food, and most of all entertainment.

Your first step towards a successful beach party is the invitations. You could decorate each of your invitations with the shape of a beach umbrella, or perhaps a surfboard, or even a flip-flop sandal. This is a good way to give your guests a little preview of what to expect at your party. Invite them and ask them to wear their favorite bathing suits in order to enjoy the sun and the sand at your party.

Create an atmosphere of fun
The whole objective of a beach party is to have lots of fun. So play a soothing CD to create a cool atmosphere. If your beach party is being held at your swimming pool play a CD that contains the sound of waves and seagulls as this will do a great job of transforming your backyard party into a beach party. Now if you are into surfing music and you think that your guests will like it then The Beach Boys is a great choice or even the B-52s. You can probably get away with playing any other summer time song which you think fits in well with your theme.

There are a number of choices when it comes to decorations, ranging from streamers to bright fish and even tiki masks. You can also place large sized seashells or even surfboards in your backyard. Many people really love putting inflatable palm trees since they are very easy to find and will light up your party. Paper umbrellas can shade your guests from the sun during the brightest parts of the daytime hours. Campfire and titi torches are great for providing mood lighting when it becomes dark. A few comfortable lounge chairs around the area are also great.

For entertainment you can include music, water balloons, water guns etc. You can even host a conga line or a limbo contest for your guests since it’s fine for people of all ages. If your event is at a beach you should definitely include beach volleyball, since it’s an all time beach favorite. Also purchase a few large beach balls to throw around. Younger children can be engaged in a treasure hunt where you bury a small box and draw a map for them to follow.

If you are going to have many kids at your beach party it’s imperative that you have many beach themed games. Snorkeling relay is one of the classics, it can include two or three teams each of which has a pair of flippers, a snorkel, and a measuring spoon / cup along with a large bowl filled with water. This is something that can involve kids of all ages.

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