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Where is the best place to view Singapore’s aerial Cityscape?

If you can afford it, the tallest building in Singapore – Guccoland Tower Sky
bungalow should offer the best views in town at $17 million each. A better
alternative will be from CapitaSpring building located at Market Street at
Raffles Place.

Standing at 280m tall, CapitaSpring is tied as Singapore’s 2nd tallest
building. It offers a 360-degree view of Singapore Cityscape on level 51.

Sky Garden
Level 51

Located on Level 51, this is essentially the top of the building. Basically,
you walk around a path that brings you through a loop around the

A quick walk can be completed in 5 minutes. However, since you are here, you
probably want to take your time and admire the views around Singapore.

West View

You can look at the west and see Pinnacle and Beyond.

Orchard Road View

For a more central view, the Singapore River and Orchard road can be seen from
the building.

Singapore River 

Look on the north side and you can even spot Bukit Timah Hill

Orchard Road View

The East side is the most recognisable side. You get to see Marina Bay Sands with East
Coast as your backdrop.

East View with MBS

The one grip we have is that the viewing area is rather limited. Most of the
views are seen through glasses.

This view will transform in the next decade

While there are pockets that open to the sky, they are usually separated by a
ledge or plant. While it does somewhat prevent the capture of a nice photo, it
also serves as a protective barrier. Since there are no supervision on the
rooftop, this would be necessary.

In addition to the views, it has also Singapore’s tallest urban farm spanning
5000, sq ft. 

There are also restaurants on the 51st floor. Choose to dine at 1-Arden Food
Forest, Australian Kaarla or the Japanese Oumi. Dinner guests get to enjoy the
51st floor in the evening, a privilege for guests of the restaurants only.

Opening hours

Mondays – Fridays (excluding Public Holidays)

8:30am – 10:30am

Green Oasis

Other than the Sky Garden, there is another green space in the building that
spans over 4 levels from the 17th to the 20th floor.

The Green Oasis is a wrap-around garden. We suggest starting your exploration
from the 20th floor and moving your way downwards.

Along the way, there are sitting areas with power points for you to take a

If you prefer a more cosy corner, there are a couple of spaces for you to unwind.

If you are in a bigger group, these cocoons will do just fine.

There are also exercise machines for executives who need a break but do not
fancy joining the gym.

Restaurants such as Sol & Luna can be found here.

Compared to the Sky Garden, there is not much of a view. However, it makes up
for the vast space and fresh greenery.

Opening hours

Mondays – Fridays 

Level 17 – 20:  

8:30am – 10:30am

2:30pm – 6:00pm

The time slot of 10:30am – 2:30pm is strictly for CapitaSpring tenants,
Citadines guests and restaurant patrons only. A
fter 6:00pm is for restaurant patrons only

Market Street Hawker Centre

After a walk, you may want to head down to Market Street Hawker Centre located
in the same building.

Spanning over 2 storeys, it has 56 food stalls. If you have been a fan of the
hawker stalls from the original Golden Show Hawker Centre, you might find a
familiar stall here.

The Sky Garden, Green Oasis and the Market Street Hawker Center are open to
public and free to explore. We think this is great as it allows the residents
of Singapore to have a glimpse of the whole of Singapore and beyond!


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