Fetal Lie Or Baby Position In Womb – Does It Really Matter?

Fetal Lie and Baby Position in womb

Occiput posterior position (OP toddler posture)


Occiput posterior posture/occiput posterior fetal lie is related to the occiput anterior fetal lie, with the only difference staying that as a substitute of going through the mother’s again, the little one faces the mother’s belly, with its again in opposition to the mother’s again.


Therefore, the occiput posterior place/occiput posterior fetal lie is also referred to as the back-to-back position.


The fetal presentation in the occiput posterior situation is the head, but the baby will come out encounter-up therefore, this is also titled the sunny-facet up position.


Labor is a tiny much more distressing if the newborn is in the occiput posterior posture, as the mother activities strain on her spine. In this fetal lie/fetal position, the newborn is not able to tuck its chin down to fit into the start canal as conveniently as OA child situation, and for this reason, labor can be more time below. Your doctor may possibly assess your situation and could advocate a C-part.


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Breech place


In this place, the infant takes up the position that is precise reverse to that of OA newborn posture – it settles in the head-up, feet-down situation. This is just one of the uncommon child positions – just 3-4% of


Nearly all breech fetal positions have to have a caesarean supply.


There are diverse forms of breech positions –

  • Complete breech: In this article, the baby’s base is above the start canal (earning it the fetal presentation if vaginal supply was attainable), knees bent, and ft near to the bottom.
  • Frank breech little one position: Once again, baby’s base is in the vicinity of the delivery canal, but right here toddler lies in V-form, with its legs straight up around the head.
  • Footling breech: Little one has a person or both legs near the birth canal, earning its ft the fetal presentation in this article.
  • Flexed breech: Listed here a single or each of the baby’s knees are bent and the buttocks and ft are at the start canal opening.


Oblique fetal place/indirect fetal lie/oblique lie


The oblique lie, as the title claims, signifies that your baby is in a diagonal or slanted placement in the womb just ahead of labor. It is 1 of the rarest toddler positions which is also dangerous at the exact time.


In the oblique fetal lie, the baby’s head or any other overall body component is not aligned with the opening of the birth canal, which can final result in umbilical cord compression, and therefore, direct to an crisis.


Indirect lie is dangerous in situation of a vaginal supply, and it can induce accidents to the baby or even be daily life threatening.


For that reason, if the child simply cannot be turned in a appropriate head-down situation, your health practitioner could advise a C-segment.


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Transverse child place/transverse lie


In the transverse newborn situation, the baby lies horizontally or sideways in the mother’s womb. It can have both its shoulder, again, arms, or even ft near the delivery canal when in a transverse toddler placement. This is an incredibly unusual fetal lie for a full-time period baby.


The transverse newborn situation carries the hazard of detrimental the placenta in the course of delivery or in an endeavor to convert the infant into a more favorable place. Below as nicely, the danger of umbilical cord prolapse looms, which can switch into a medical crisis. Your

medical professional will examine your condition before selecting on a C-portion.

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