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There are so many parts of motherhood that are incredibly challenging, and they start the moment that baby is born, and they never seem to end. One of the biggest challenges that a mom may face in the beginning is sending her baby to daycare. Maternity leave benefits in the US do not work in the mother’s favor a lot of the time, and a lot of moms have to return to work when their baby is still so young. This can be hard, but if she needs to make sure that her family is supported and financially stable, then there may seem like there is not much of a choice.


While a mom may spend a lot of time making the final decision on which daycare she is going to go with, that first day can still be hard. Even if mom is 100% confident in her selection, and knows that her baby will be safe and well taken care of, it can still be an emotional process. That is partly because mom may still be dealing with postpartum emotions and what comes along with having to leave a young baby with someone else for the day.

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What can sometimes help in these situations is making sure you know that you are prepared. If mom feels like everything is organized and prepared, she may feel more calm, comfortable, and in control. A lot of preparation for the first day happens the night before, and there are some things mom can do to help prepare herself and the baby.

Go Over The Daycare Notes

Moms should not go to work after dropping off newborn at daycare to be more emotionally and mentally prepared for the process
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It is likely that mom has researched the daycare as much as she can in order to make sure that she is picking the right one. According to Dr. Brown’s Baby, mom may want to go over her research the night before. She may not learn anything new, but going over what she has already learned can help refresh her memory and return some of the confidence that may be waning.

Go over their website, and any notes that you made during your tour and meetings. This can help reassure yourself that you have chosen the right place, and it can focus your thoughts away from any negative feelings you may have.

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It is likely that this may be the first time your baby is going to be with anyone but you for the first time, and this can have an impact on them. According to Curious Neuron, spend the night before giving some extra cuddles to your baby. Spend some time together playing, or having an extra-long bath and really focus on that attachment. While some may think this would make daycare drop-off harder, it can actually make it easier. This is something that should be done every night after daycare to help reassure your baby that you are still there.

Pack Everything For Daycare The Night Before

The night before is always the right time to either pack the daycare bag or do a run-through to make sure that everything your baby needs is in there. This can help mom feel calmer throughout the day, and it will take away some rush in the morning when mom’s emotions may be at a heightened state.

According to Very Well Family, it is important to make sure you have all the supplies you need. Diapers and wipes are essential items. Make sure there are bibs, extra clothing, and any outside gear they may need. You also want to make sure that your baby has some extra pacifiers, comfort items, and other things that can help calm them down. If mom knows that her baby has everything that they need, they may feel better throughout the day.

Write It Down

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Writing things down has always had a therapeutic effect on people, and this situation is no different. If mom is having a hard time, and she knows that her emotions are getting the best of her, then she can write them all down. Writing them down can get them off her chest and shoulders and help her analyze what exactly her worries are. Mom can go back to the list at the end of the next day, and see how she feels then about her anxieties then.

She may notice that she was worried about things that didn’t even happen or matter. She also may discover that some of her worries were addressed. Maybe she is concerned that no one will update her on her baby throughout the day but finds out that they do inform parents of how the day went, or maybe they had to call because of an incident.

This transition is going to be hard for any parent and baby, but it really does get better as time goes on, and it is important that moms know that their feelings are incredibly valid.

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