How a viral TikTok video triggered a discussion about the trauma from Black parenting


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I saw this TikTok that started off off definitely cute and sweet, but as it unfolded, I realized it was stating a good deal about Black parenting. It was a single of those people TikToks I could produce a full thesis about, and it is resonating with a good deal of people—even however it came from an account that had 4,000 followers when it was posted, it’s gotten about 3.4 million sights.

Lexy Rogers (@_lexyrogers) and her partner, Lewis Rogers, are a supercute, young Black few with a few young children underneath age 5. They had no notion they had been about to go tremendous viral when they set up her mobile phone to record them actively playing Put a Finger Down: Black Moms Edition. But the online video triggers persons appropriate absent by offering us an onscreen chyron telling us that Lexy’s got a white mom and Lewis has a Black mother. Is this likely to be the vital differentiator among them? 

The voiceover goes by means of various phrases Black moms (and dads) are well-known for saying, like “I’m not 1 of your very little pals,” or “I am not Boo Boo the idiot,” or “A really hard head can make a gentle at the rear of.” As the VO moves by means of the checklist of sayings, Lewis steadily puts his fingers down, but Lexy does not. I cannot lie—as I viewed, I was placing loads of fingers down, just like Lewis, and emotion myself aligned with him. I laughed together with him like, yeah, my dad and mom used to say that things to me, also! Ha, ha, ha! 

At initial, the sayings are kinda humorous, like, “Do you acquired McDonald’s money?” But as the activity goes on, they get, properly, rougher. “Stop all that crying or I’ll give you anything to cry about!” And “Fix yo confront!” And as the popular aged sayings get rougher, Lexy appears to be at her spouse with a facial area complete of unhappiness and empathy, and she starts off caressing his confront as if to console him. It’s like she senses that having read all of this as a baby implies he’s been abused and maybe traumatized and now requires TLC. And I was like, hold out a moment. I was placing a large amount of fingers down, way too. Was I…abused? Am I, perhaps, traumatized?

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I feel that most of our Black Boomer mothers and fathers, the two moms and dads, elevated us based mostly on the information and facts they experienced at the time about how to guardian. But now, decades later on, we can see that some pretty major issues ended up made. This is not to condemn our dad and mom but to say lots of of us ended up emotionally or psychologically broken by their practices. It’s the similar issue with the food stuff they fed us. With enjoy and passion, a lot of Black mothers and fathers in the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s gave their young ones tons of fried meals cooked with plenty of oil and butter. Now we know that feeding on a good deal of the old-faculty soul food we appreciate can be destructive to our bodies—it can result in coronary heart disease, liver ailments and diabetic issues. Presently, quite a few of us test to eat in a more healthy way simply because now we have data telling us all about that. 

Similarly, our mothers and fathers mentioned factors to us that were inappropriate, abusive and demeaning, which negated us and rejected the thoughts we felt as youngsters, thus earning it more durable for us to have a balanced relationship with our thoughts. I imply, “I’m not a single of your tiny friends” is a desire for regard and authority. Which is fine kids require to discover boundaries, but expressing, “I’ll give you something to cry about,” is a danger to do actual physical harm and a rejection of their thoughts. You’re expressing to the boy or girl your tears are unacceptable for the reason that practically nothing that negative has took place, but if you do not prevent crying, I will hit you challenging plenty of that it will be understandable for you to cry this a lot. 

“A tricky head tends to make a smooth behind” is also a danger of violence or probably a assure of violence. “Fix your face” is also a rejection of the child’s feelings—it indicates prevent currently being upset. How is a boy or girl meant to do that? These are unhealthy responses from mothers and fathers to children, and yet they’re also super widespread issues that the more mature technology stated to my technology when we were being children.

What impression has it experienced that tens of millions of us ended up spoken to this way by our mother and father? Is it Okay that we’ve normalized their conduct and that we laugh about it? Corporal punishment was also widespread in Black people when I was escalating up—lots of Black youngsters had been punished for infractions significant and modest by becoming hit with a belt or a hand or even a change from a tree. This is abusive. Our moms and dads were being performing with the greatest details they had—”Spare the rod, spoil the child” was a further frequent saying—but we now realize that corporal punishment is destructive parenting. 

I can listen to many folks expressing, nicely, I heard all that stuff, and I bought conquer as a child, and I turned out wonderful. Okay, but how a lot greater and much healthier would you be if your mothers and fathers had not spoken to you in demeaning techniques? Or if they experienced not overwhelmed you? And do you definitely assume that we often know and identify the influence of trauma? I received spanked lots of, many periods when I was a kid, and in retrospect, having my father, who was then about 3 times my measurement, seize me and forcefully whack my butt a number of occasions as tough as he could, was traumatizing. Many Black mother and father in my era have stated they would be different—they would not strike their young ones, and they would not say demeaning things to their kids. But having a conversation about what the more mature era did to us is continue to incredibly difficult—we do not want to implicate our mothers and fathers.

Lexy and Lewis’ TikTok provides us into all of that in a gentle-hearted way. There’s no large conclusion the activity of Place a Finger Down just stops, and they change off the digital camera. But by then, I was currently imagining about Black parenting and how my mother and father gave me loads of amazing items, but they also screwed me up. Lexy and Lewis’ movie opened the doorway to all of that for me, and I could not quit pondering about it. 

I wrote a significantly shorter edition of the over sentiments less than an Instagram post about Lexy and Lewis’ movie, and times later, Lexy popped up to reply to my comment. I DM’d her, and a couple hrs later, I was on the phone with her and her spouse. She stated she was a bit thrown off by how viral the publish experienced absent and the backlash from people today who attacked her as “not Black” mainly because she’s biracial and these who thought she was using the movie to critique Black mothers, which is strange since she is a Black mother. 

“It’s not like I’m tearing individuals down and declaring, oh, very well, your lifetime would have been greater if your mother was not Black,” she stated. “No. I really do not imagine it has something to do with that. I just consider your lifestyle would have been a little little bit superior if you weren’t talked down to so a great deal.” 

Also, her white mother remembers expressing these factors to her. “I talked to my mom, and she was, like, I really feel like I have claimed some of these things to you! I was like if you did, it was not ample that it manufactured an impression.” 

Lexy explained the TikTok was not supposed to be a comment about mothers—her father is Black, and she read some hurtful points from him. She explained the much larger level is that in some cases mother and father place their stresses on their young children. 

“I feel that people today do the ideal that they can, and I assume that Black women have it actually tough, and I assume it shows often in the way that we dad or mum our small children, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not anything that hurts the young children,” she reported. 

Some Black mothers and fathers experience like the entire world is difficult, chilly and racist, and we need to have to prepare our little ones for that planet by staying tricky on them at household for the reason that the world will be tough on them. But in quite a few cases, young children never need to be toughened up at household they have to have to be coddled and nurtured and know that property is wherever they’ll constantly be cherished and approved. 

“The earth is harsh more than enough,” Lexy claimed. “If my children can have any safe room, it need to be at house. My mother and father had been truly rigid, but they did not say a large amount of things that were being really hurtful, and it was a tiny a lot easier when folks have been racist or when Black people today produced pleasurable of me for currently being white or whichever. Like, I realized pretty rapidly that the entire world is a truly harsh area, and I felt a specified comfort and ease at residence. And I believed that was critical. That’s something that Lewis did not automatically experience as considerably as I did. And we tried out to give that to our young children.”        

A single recurring aspect in the previous-school Black dad or mum sayings is the rejection of children’s feelings. The concept that you shouldn’t be unfortunate or upset perpetuates a form of Black stoicism—that we must fulfill life’s problems with out criticism. But currently, we know that all Black people are the victims of intergenerational trauma and that permitting your inner thoughts out, or at least getting informed of them, is far much healthier than just pushing by them. This stands in immediate distinction to what the older generation was educating us in their sayings. We initially find out how to offer with our feelings when we’re youngsters, so it is essential for dad and mom to regard children’s emotions even if they appear severe.

“I listened to someone say small children have all the identical thoughts that we do just in smaller sized bodies and with much less experience with controlling them,” Lexy explained. “I’m not heading to inform my child to end crying. If I just explained, you can not have a sweet, to them, that is a massive deal. It is Alright if they cry. I’m not heading to be like, ‘this is not really worth you crying over. I’ll give you a thing which is really really worth you crying in excess of,’ which often implies either some style of ache or other punishment for them like outwardly expressing their inner thoughts.” 

Lewis blamed himself for some of his interactions with his moms and dads. “I wasn’t always the best-behaved child, so, in some instances, I essential some discipline, especially though being lifted by a solitary mom.” 

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This is all-natural even though misguided—he wasn’t a certainly bad child, and a boy or girl is not responsible for their connection with their mother and father. He also reported the interactions experienced a long lasting effect on him. “It does turn out to be hurtful, and staying a youngster, I cannot go out in this article to pals and talk to them about it,” he stated. “They’re not likely to fully grasp because it’s a common Black language and you are not knowledge how to navigate all those emotions so like you’re deeply wounding children, I imply emotionally, and we’re remaining with figuring out how to deal with it for the rest of our life.”

I imagine present day Black parents have made a aware split from lots of of the points our dad and mom stated and did. Right before we had kids, my wife informed me that we would not at any time spank our young children. I was a little bit surprised—it was all that I understood. Occasionally small children will need to be spanked, proper? I did some looking through and observed out how hazardous it can be, and I agreed to commit to hardly ever spanking my youngsters. I didn’t, and I imagine they’re far better for it. I really like my moms and dads, but I imagine we can both of those appreciate our mom and dad and acknowledge that they manufactured errors just as we can say 99 p.c of TikToks are silly, but every as soon as in a though, you are going to locate a TikTok that gets fairly deep.


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