How to Make Money Online Writing and Selling eBooks


Electronic books, or eBooks, are electronic versions of written material. They can contain text, sound, images. And they exist in the form of files that can be read using a computer (Word documents, text files, web pages, PDF files, EXE files) or Using an eBook reader.

To write eBooks, all you have to do is figure out what you know and write as though speaking to a others. It’s not all that difficult and if you have ever written an essay for a school assignment you have all the prerequisites already. You don’t have to be an expert on your eBook subject, although it helps, as most information can be found online and in your local library. You don’t even have to be a good writer as most word processors have grammar and spell checking tools.

Today, any type of eBook can be sold on the Internet; however, here are the most popular types with the highest levels of public demand.

“How To” eBooks
Guides and manuals that explain how to do various things and how to solve different problems, like how to make money online, how to optimize website, etc.

Business eBooks
They explain how to start, finance, manage, develop or promote your online or offline business and provide tips, advice, strategies and blueprints for success.

Home / Family
These eBooks provide information for family about issues such as cooking, recipes, children and parenting, gardening, landscaping, pets, marriage, home improvement and real estate.

These eBooks provide tutorials and guidance on subjects like programming languages, web designing, computer hardware, graphics and more.

Money / Jobs
eBooks in this category provide guides on topics like debt, management, education, self-employment, money making opportunities,investments, entrepreneurship, home-based businesses, finance and jobs.

Society / Culture
These eBooks category cover topics like foreign languages, politics, government, art, love life, travel, philosophy, religion, science and more.

Technical eBooks
Focus on technical topics like electronics, engineering, mechanics etc.

Fiction eBooks
Novels, short stories, poetry, romance, erotic literature, fantasy, etc.

Skill / Talent eBooks
Teach you the basics and advanced strategies of skill-related games, hobbies or sports, like chess, magic, poker, photography, golf, etc.

Health eBooks
Explain how to cure various diseases, illnesses or conditions and provide medical information and advice for improve health.

To sell your eBook, you can use an affiliate network. Affiliate networks are companies that connect affiliates and merchants. It is the shortest way to promote your product. You can tell the affiliate networks what price you want your new eBook sold for and what commission you want to offer your affiliates. ClickBank is a very large affiliate network. Other popular affiliate programs are Moreniche, Commission Junction, and Link Share.

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