Mum finds out that her son is bullying school mate with harsh messages


Now this is the type of parent we love and admire…

Mum sharing story time about son who bullied girl/TikTok Screenshot/@sammjane2

It’s hard enough raising kids with two present, engaged parents, it’s ten times more difficult (if not more) raising kids as a single parent. 

This mother of five has been trying her best to raise her son to be a good man, who is respectful to women. 

But she found out from his school recently that he is in fact bullying one of his a school mates. 

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She shared what happened over a TikTok video, going as far as saying that finding out he has been so disrespectful to this young girl, is in fact a disrespect to her. 

After reading the horrible messages he was sending this young lady, she had to act fast. Because she was not going to put up with this sort of behaviour. 

Not only did she insist on him making a formal apology to this young girl, she got him to buy her chocolates and flowers with his birthday money before marching to her home to apologise. 

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WATCH the video account below, courtesy of TikTok

Please be advised there is derogatory language in the video, not for sensitive viewers. 

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We really do love her attitude about raising good boys into men. She has a good point when she says that it’s important to nip things in the butt. 

The truth is kids may be young and impressionable, but they are super intelligent and will manipulate you if you do not stand firmly grounded. 

If you think about it, the way this mom handled it could be the difference between grooming a great man to a mediocre one…

P.S. Same goes for girls…

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