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In the commencing, God produced the heavens at the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the floor of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering above the waters. -Genesis 1:1-2

From its first strains, the Bible tells us that we have a God who is the Almighty! he is not a pushover. He is clothed with power and glory. That is what Elohim, the pretty first identify of God in the Bible, implies. The names of God during the Bible notify us a little something special about His character and His identification.

Genesis 1:1 tells us, “In the beginning, God [Elohim] produced the heavens and the earth.” This identify of God is applied extra than two thousand times in the Bible. And guess how many instances you’ll locate it in Genesis 1? 30-two periods!

The Bible starts off with God. he is our Creator and Sustainer. We are not alone in the earth. God developed us to be in relationship with Him and to are living for Him. He is our strong and potent heavenly Father. He is the King who reigns and procedures about all of His development. He is our Protector and Service provider.

Are you having difficulties to make it as a mother? Are you apprehensive or nervous about the foreseeable future? Try to remember, your powerful God is in cost. You and I are constrained in our electric power and knowledge, but He is not. He is Elohim—the Almighty! There is very little you are going through these days that He are unable to match with His existence and ability.

Father, I praise You for Your toughness and may well. Very little normally takes You by surprise. The globe is not out of manage. You are a excellent Father, but also a highly effective King about all generation. Help me belief You, relying on your toughness and not my individual. In Jesus’ title, amen.

In Him,

Ruth Schwenk


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