Parenting – My Child Is Weak At Studies


Sometime children get nervous at the time of examination and this may result to even failure of children.
You always know that your child is able to solve those questions at home, but when it comes to write the same in examination room, your child starts getting nervous.

In most of the cases, the kids are not really weak. They just need the confidence to do it in examination hall.
This happens due to numerous reasons. The pressure is huge on kids today.
This results in anxiety.
However, some parents can never accept that if their kid is nervous, he can forget everything.

Doctors say, whatever the kids study, the information is stored in their conscious brain.
When the kids face the anxiety, the emotional upheaval overrides the conscious brain’s memory and kids may forget everything.

Parents should not pressurize their kids to study at the time they do not want to study until the child really misuses the freedom.
Unnecessary pressure on the kids can result in poor performance of the kids.

Some kids are not confident enough to recall all what they have learnt.
Even if he knows everything, he may not be able to recite it in examination just due to lack of confidence.
If kids start observing their paper more keenly, they can avoid such situations.

When kids grow up, the tag of ‘hard worker’ or ‘studious’, kill them. They start to study at the last minute. Studies become ‘not cool’ activity this time.
The best way for parents to avoid such situations is, make you kid realize that he can not really learn things if he studies at last minute.

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