Parenting: ‘My grandson is gay and I’m struggling with it’


On this week’s ‘Parenting’ segment on the Moncrieff show, just one listener sought advice about how to offer with the news that her teenage grandson is homosexual. 

Joanna Fortune, psychotherapist specialising in Boy or girl & Adult Psychotherapy, joined Moncrieff to remedy this and other listeners’ thoughts.

The issue: 

“My grandson is 16 and he’s just occur out as homosexual, and I’m ashamed to say that I’m having difficulties with it. 

“One the one particular hand, I’m happy of him for staying upfront about it but it’s been a few months and I’m nevertheless getting it tricky to accept. I hold stressing about his long term – will he have youngsters? Could he be attacked like that poor gentleman exterior the George previous 7 days, or even worse – murdered? 

“Plus, I’m Catholic and I’m not sure how to settle for that my church would not let him to get married or recognise any upcoming relationships he has. 

“If I’m straightforward, I desire he wasn’t gay and I sense like he is no for a longer time the boy I understood. I know this is an terrible factor to feel, how can I get in excess of this so that I can really like my grandson as he is somewhat than a model of him in my head?”

Parenting: ‘My grandson is homosexual and I’m battling with it’

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Joanna’s response: 

“First of all, he’s not the boy you realized anyway, irrespective, simply because he’s 16 now. 

“So this type of minimal boy grandson that you understood in your head, no make any difference what his sexual orientation, he’s not that boy. He’s developing up and which is tough I think for grandparents as perfectly. 

“But what he definitely desires now is unconditional appreciate and support to know that he is approved for who he is, rather than this impression you had in your thoughts, or who you would like him to be. 

“This grandparent is allowed to have questions for the reason that I feel often it is, ‘I’m not supposed to come across this tough so I improved say very little.’ 

Of course voters celebrate at the Central Rely Centre in Dublin castle, Dublin, as the success of the referendum is introduced which confirmed that Eire as the nation overwhelmingly voted in favour of gay relationship.

“And then it will get all uncomfortable and there can be this gap that then emerges in the marriage. 

“Really I think it’s the link that you want to guard right here due to the fact the grandchild and grandparent marriage can be these types of an important romance in children’s lives… and I assume that link issues way far more than any confusion.

“So yes you are allowed to have concerns of course but talk with him that these are based mostly on your need to improved recognize fairly than issues of judgement. 

“Because if you are saying, ‘Look I do have some inquiries, some of them may well audio a little bit awkward, I’m actually not hoping to, it’s my confusion. I’m just attempting to fully grasp how this operates.’ 

“And also to share, ‘I’m apprehensive for you and it’s not that I’m nervous about you, I’m apprehensive about other people’s conduct towards you.’ 

“That’s a legitimate be concerned but not to put all of this onto him – since that’s not wherever it belongs. 

“You truly have to have to also be there for him and his family members – who are your family members as very well – and be element of this modify, be aspect of this journey as opposed to apart from it. 

“So I believe go gradual and continuous as you have accomplished below genuinely perfectly articulating your queries, your uncertainty, your confusion. 

“Make absolutely sure that you talk that with his mom and dad, with his household and with him that you are still his grandparent and that romantic relationship definitely requirements to be guarded. 

“I assume that is what it is, it’s about just declaring, ‘I’m a little little bit concerned for you but I’m worried because of other people’s behaviour. You’re often heading to be my grandson. I’m constantly likely to be your grandparent but just give me a minimal bit of space and time to wobble and maybe get this a bit completely wrong in advance of I get it suitable.’”

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