September 24, 2023

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Raise Emotionally Healthy Kids Using Brain Science and the Bible — The Better Mom

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In Cherilynn Orr’s new book, Signals, she takes complex brain science and simplifies it into a common language you can use with anyone from toddlers to teens to help them develop emotional wellbeing. As Cherilynn teaches, our minds and emotions react to the circumstances around us. While we can’t see the brain, it sends signals to us and those around us. Just as the three colors of a traffic light send drivers a signal to go, slow down, or stop, our brains use our emotions and our behaviors as signals to others. This approach that Cherilynn teaches will help you care for your child’s mental health while simultaneously equipping them with tools to make a positive difference in their world.

I love how Cherilynn takes something so complex as brain science and breaks it down for the average everyday parent like myself. She dives into everything from building attachment with your child to the difference between discipline and punishment and more. I especially appreciate the real-life examples she uses to illustrate her points and the thorough look at all different scenarios and situations because every child is different! Friend, it is never too late, AND it is never too early to start learning how to navigate and connect with your child’s emotions. I highly recommend you grab your copy here today!



Disclosure: This post is in partnership with Tyndale House Publishers. All thoughts and opinions are my own after a careful review of the material provided.

About the Author:

Cherilyn Orr is passionate about helping parents, teachers, and guardians raise emotionally healthy and resilient children. She has worked with families and educators in North America, Europe, and Africa to help them build safe schools, homes, and communities where children can flourish. The Stoplight Approach that she developed was born out of her experiences as a mom to seven through birth and adoption and as a teacher, and it combines Biblical truths with the latest brain science.


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