With 800 years of experience, there are few cities that can boast the atmosphere that Riga offers for stag parties. A vibrant, modern city with a special love of music, Riga offers a blend of adrenaline-raising activities and heart-pumping night life that make stag parties in Riga the sort that you’re still talking about years later. The Old Town in Riga boasts clubs, live music, DJs, casinos and bars that cover the spectrum from posh to dodgy. And if shopping is part of your agenda, Riga’s city market is the largest in the world.

Shopping on a stag weekend? Stag parties in Riga find some unusual things to do, and shopping is one of them. The City Market is housed under four enormous renovated zeppelin hangars, and is a great place to test your Stag’s mettle in the face of the local ‘scenery’. It’s just a few minutes walk from Old Town Riga, where dozens of pubs and bars offer an excellent venue for a Riga stag parties pub crawl. If you’re not certain of the best watering holes in the city – and who’d expect a bunch of tourists out on a holiday stag jaunt to know? – you can turn the planning over to a tour organizer that specialises in arranging activities for stag parties in Riga.

One Riga stag parties activity that you won’t find in many other cities is an afternoon of – bob-sledding. Hurtling down an icy bobsleigh track at speeds approaching blurring, with no brakes to slow your downward descent – is there a better metaphor for the journey your mate is about to embark than that? Other daytime activities for stag parties in Riga include paintball, quad biking, off road karting and… wait for it.. bungee jumping! Let your stag literally take the plunge before he jumps off the cliffs into married life, eh?

Stag parties in Riga really hit their stride in the evenings, though, with dozens of clubs and music venues that offer a taste of every entertainment imaginable. Hit the nightclubs with a guide, or rent out a limousine for a bangup start to your night with a lapdance limo ride. If you make your arrangements in advance, you can end up your pub crawl in one of Riga’s lap dancing and strip clubs for a night of ogling the best girl flesh that Eastern Europe has to offer.

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