Spending Time With Grandparents – Benefits of Bonding Between Children and Grandparents


The bond between children and their grandparents is a very special one. There are many benefits to this kind of bond. Therefore, it is important to foster a close relationship between the child and his or her grandparents. Children spending time with grandparents is the only way that this can be achieved. Parents should encourage their children to bond with their grandparents by setting up times for them to visit their grandparents, having the grandparents watch their children for them, inviting grandma and grandpa for holidays, etc. Every effort should be made to establish a close bond between the children and their grandparents because studies have shown that grandparents can have a very positive influence over the behavioral and social development of children.

One benefit of children spending time with grandparents is the extended support that they will be gaining from this bond. The support of the nuclear family, that is siblings and parents, is great and of course necessary. However, additional support is always beneficial. For example, if there is a problem between the children and their parents or siblings, they can turn to their grandparents for help. The grandparents can then help to smooth over the tension growing between the members of the nuclear family. In this way, grandparents act as confidants to the children and actually strengthen the family unit.

This is especially important for children of single or divorced parents. Spending time with grandparents for these children has been linked to increased social skills and fewer behavioral problems. This is because the grandparents can be seen as confidants and great sources of comfort for children in these kinds of situations. Bonding with grandparents help children, especially children in single-parent households or divorce situations, become better adjusted and they also learn how to deal with other difficult situations.

Spending time with grandparents can also help strengthen family values in children. This is because they often have stories to tell about their family history, which usually leads to a sense of familial pride in the children. Grandparents also usually have more free time than parents and so they can spend more quality time with their grandchildren, partaking in different hobbies and activities together, and most importantly positive ones. If they are spending positive quality time with their grandparents, then this means that they are not participating in all the destructive activities that kids are pressured to become involved in. Therefore, grandparents can be great role models for your children and can play a very important role in your children’s lives.

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