Subconscious Mind Prevents You From Winning the Lottery


Much of what we think and do is firstly thought and done by a part of our brain that contains the subconscious mind. The amygdala in our brain plays the central role in how we respond subconsciously to emotional situations. In fact, our subconscious mind takes over repetitive tasks from our conscious mind, leaving it free to focus on the kind of thoughts we do best when we think consciously. Goals, whether to eat, devour an ice-cream or playing lotto are like a neural software programs that can only be run one at a time. The collaboration between the subconscious mind and our rational conscious mind can help to explain some of the most mystifying realities of our behavior from moment to moment. We are finding that we have subconscious behavioral guidance system that is continually furnishing suggestions through the day about what to do next and the brain is often acting on these commendations. Sometimes it is in line with our conscious intentions and sometimes they are not.

If you are missing the support of your subconscious mind that still is not aligned to your goal, you can not win the lottery. Deep down there you have doubts, negative thoughts, limited beliefs and patterns of behavior which hold you back to your old, familiar habits. Your subconscious mind resists to the changes to protect you because you feel comfortable where you are now and because the changes go against what is known. A big change in your life leaves you vulnerable and exposed to large failure. This is good in some situations of risk and stop you from failing. However, when the same subconscious principles are applied in a change for better playing lotto, it can be damaging because they can stop you from making positive changes in your favor.

There are several ways you can rewire your inner wrong beliefs. One way is to stop listening to propaganda of lotto officials. They manipulate you because they are the owners of lotteries and lotteries are their best business. Manipulating you, they can make more money. They promise you money for doing nothing that is the ultimate desire of everybody, although it is hard to understand this. They lie you in an attractive and irresistible manner. Then, the subconscious mind of people brings up a thought of trying their luck for a $1, although they know consciously that they will fail. But you, if you really want to profit from your lotto system, you should enroll your subconscious mind. Try this easy exercise that is proven to work well if you use it during 7 days. Affirm “I can win the lottery” 100 times on day, every day in the course of a week and you will observe a drastic change in your style of thinking. This exercise is more effective if you do it in the evening at the bedtime.

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