December 3, 2023

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The Best Camping Lighters – Reviews 2019

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One of your top priorities in any survival situation is to be able to make fire. A fire is the only thing that can keep you warm, give you light, provide a means to cook food and purify water, enable you to defend yourself, and offer you badly needed morale all at the same time.

This means that you should have some sort of fire starting device on your person as part of your EDC at all times, since you never know when you’ll find yourself in a survival situation. Easily the best fire starting device to carry on your person is a good lighter, and specifically, a good camping lighter. Read more about usb lighter.

The difference between a camping lighter and any ordinary lighter is that camping lighters are built with a more durable body and a stronger flame, so they can better withstand the elements and the high wind.

Tesla Coil TM USB Rechargeable Windproof Arc Lighter

The Tesla Coil lighter is unique from the previous lighters on this list due to the fact that it runs not on fuel but on electricity. It’s also perfectly rechargeable via a simple USB, so you can recharge it anywhere and on practically any electric device that you can think of. Many people prefer an electric lighter over a fuel run one for environmental reasons and the fact that it is fully windproof. If you like an electric option, the Tesla Coil is one of the best lighters for camping that you can buy and the sleek design only adds to its appeal.

Zippo Emergency Fire Starter

The Zippo Emergency Fire Starter may not be the prettiest looking lighter on the market, but as long as your camping lighter is durable and strikes a flame every time, that’s all that matters. That’s also exactly what the Zippo fire starter excels at. It comes encased in a lightweight but durable plastic case that has been sealed with an O-ring seal that keeps water and moisture out and the fuel inside. But it’s neatest features is the fact that it sells with four waxed tinder sticks that are water resistant and will allow you to get a fire going when dry tinder and kindling are not available. This ugly duckling just might be the best camping lighter you can buy.

Scorch Torch Dominator Triple Jet Butane Lighter

Last but not least, we come to the Scorch Torch butane lighter. This lighter is a great option because it is robust both on the inside and the outside to ensure that it will last you for many years. It accomplishes this will preserving a light weight of only four ounces and a height of less than three inches. It’s also completely refillable with an adjustable flame control system that is very easy to use. Additional features that make the Scorch Torch worth checking out is a cigar punch accessory, an automatic open safety cap, and a one year warranty from the manufacturer themselves. All these bells and whistles surely make this one of the best camping lighters period.

Tacklife Electric Lighter 

When it comes to camping lighters, you need something capable, modern, and preferably convenient. Electric lighters are made to work when regular lighters simply won’t. The Tacklife is an electric light that offers more control and a safer overall lighter. With the push of a button, you create a powerful 700V flameless design. This is safer and can be used for extended periods of time without burning yourself. The lighter is also rechargeable and charges via a standard USB charging handle. The battery will last 300 ignitions and will auto shut off after ten minutes. This lighter is water and windproof which makes it well suited for the great outdoors.