The Health and Elder Care Corporate Social Responsibility and Code of Ethics


Prior to contracting with an outside service such as homecare, assisted living, nursing homes and even such services as an elder-law attorney or financial planner, seniors and their families should look for evidence of ethical business practices.

Human Life is Precious

The business proves that it serves each elderly client as an individual recognizing and addressing the unique needs and desires of each senior client.

The Principle of Cause and Effect

The business proves that the principle of cause and effect is understood and implemented through training, guidance, and supervision of each employee as he or she interacts with each individual senior client.

Simple good old-fashion manners implemented, as company policy not only improves the environment for employees, it greatly enhances one-on-one interaction with the elderly. Making eye contact, speaking clearly, good listening skills, and conflict resolution with a positive state of mind.

Example: An elderly person with Alzheimer’s disease may become fixated and repetitive. An employee that becomes angry or agitated by this behavior (cause) will magnify this behavior in your client (effect)

An employee that learns how to ‘go with the flow’ and re-direct the senior client in a kind and caring way (cause), decreases this behavior (effect)


The business proves honesty; including contract agreements, service and care expectations, scheduling, and safeguarding against all manners of fraud and abuse.

The health and eldercare business adheres to safe hiring practices. This simply means that all employees are screened properly with state authorities to eliminate the possibilities of hiring someone that has a history of theft, fraud, or abuse of any nature.


The business proves that each elderly client is treated with respect and honors the senior as a valued elder with both a past and a future.

The elderly are not widgets to be warehoused. Each has a past and many have an interesting and exciting past. Encouraging senior clients to share their life experiences in innovative ways not only enhances the quality of life of this senior, it enhances the quality within our communities.

When each individual person’s life is respected and honored, it encourages the continuation of giving of oneself.

Social Responsibility

The business proves that it not only adheres to mandated rules and regulations governing the health and elder care industry – it surpasses the basic guidelines made evident by the senior citizen feeling that he or she is truly cared about and cared for.

These businesses are ones that are fiscally responsible and at the same time, are driven by the underlying intentions of providing the best possible care and service for our precious elderly population.

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