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It’s time for another buffet!

This time around, it will be a completely different experience. We are heading
outdoors to Ladardor Park to The Three Peacocks to experience Singapore’s
largest outdoor BBQ Buffet!

The Three Peacocks have been around for ages. Due to the pandemic over the
past 2 years, it has been somewhat under the radar. With Singapore opening
back up,  it looks set to soar once again with its huge selection of
buffets and live stations.

First Impression

The vibes at
The Three Peacocks
hits differently even before you reach the destination. Nested at the deep end
of Labrador Park, you would drive through a stretch that is lined up with
dense vegetation. 
Night at The Tree Peacock

It is a drive similar to a drive to Lim Chu Kang but except
that this time, it is a more centralised location. For those not driving, a
free shuttle bus service from Labrador Park MRT every half an hour. 

The first thing that you would notice would be the fairy lights and the colour
neon-lit food stations. This gives a very Bangkok Night Market feels.  It
was packed to the brimmed when we were that, so a reservation is a definite
must given the location.

As for the name The Three Peacocks, it is probably inspired by the peacocks
roaming about the site. We spotted one while we were dining there! 

What’s on the Menu?

The Three Peacocks has a separate menu for weekdays and weekends. At weekends,
it provides a Meat and Seafood buffet while on weekdays, it is a Meat buffet
with a Live Station serving prime meats such as Wagyu beef cuts and black pork
belly.  For this review, we will be sharing what is in on the menu for
the weekday Meat buffet.


The meat buffet consists of beef cuts, pork cuts marinate, and skewers. If you
are a meat lover, you would be in paradise with over 30 selections of choice

Angus Beef

For beef, you can enjoy Wagyu cuts such as Wagyu Oyster blade, Striploin and
Beef Cubes. Angus beef selection and short rib Korean Cuts are available.

Pork Selection

For pork, Black Pork Collar, belly and selections of Pork Jowl and Loin are
there for you to choose among others.


If you prefer your food to be marinated,  you will be spoilt for choice
Teriyaki Chicken, Korean Spicy Chicken, Honey Shoyu Chicken, Korean Bulgogi
Pork Collar and more!


Last but not least, you have to try the skewers. From beef to chicken to
mutton, you can have as many as you can devour. We do have a minor suggestion,
given the wide selection of meat, it would be great to label them.
Otherwise, we might end up getting everything just to find out what we are

Sauce station – The Three Peacocks

Do stop by the sauce station to pick your favourite sauce for the night. With
over a dozen of sauces, it will be a difficult choice to make!

Our sauce for the night



If you prefer to let someone else do the cooking, head to the Life Station.
From grilled items such as BBQ Pork ribs to Teppanyaki favourites like Salmon
Steak and Whole Squid, there are plenty to choose from. 

Grilled Selection

Deep-fried items like calamari, prawn, karaage as well as mini Beef Burgers
and Mac & Cheese are favourites for the younger kids.

Deep-Fried Live Stations


Salad Bar at The Three Peacock

If you prefer your food to be prepared, there is a decent selection of cooked
food on the menu. You could start with the salad bar and appetiser with Sushi
and Maki.

Hot Station

Cooked dishes such as fried rice, stir fry mixed vegetables, Seafood
pizzas and plenty more to choose from. Personally, we would chomp on the meat
buffet and a selection of Live stations before going for the cooked

Cooked Food From The Three Peacock

There are simply too many dishes to choose from at The Three Peacocks, so we
have to save our stomachs for the rest of the dishes.

A selection of drinks and ice cream are also provided for this buffet.

BBQ Time

Time for BBQ

After picking out our meal, we head back to the table for BBQ. 

Each table is provided with a round BBQ station that will be set up by the
friendly crew.  Set-up time is less than 5 minutes and you would be ready
to BBQ.

Cosy BBQ set up

Given that it is a charcoal grill, it would not be possible to control the
fire. As a result, there will be plenty of smoke especially if you cook
marinated meat. While this may deter some, it has an old-school charm attached
to it.

Little Chef

To lessen the impact of smoke, you might want to place the tin foil over the
grill. It will take a slightly longer time to cook, but it will be a less
smokey affair.

Among the meat we tried, the Wagyu selections stood out. 

Wagyu beef

Our favourite will undoubtedly be the Wagyu beef cubes. Each bite is super
juicy and flavourful. 

The Wagyu striploin is a close second. Frankly, 3 servings of these would
already make bangs for your buck.

To complete your buffet experience, we do recommend trying as many dishes as
you can. For us, it is the quality and not the quantity that matters and The
Three Peacocks ticks the right boxes.

It is thus not surprising that we made several trips to the station for more


The Three Peacock Meat Buffet

Overall, we enjoyed our experience at The Three Peacock. Good food and the
laid-back ambience make this place a unique experience. Given the setup, this
will be perfect for families or groups of friends.

The weekday Meat buffet is available from Monday to Friday (excluding PH and
eve of PH). The price is as follows

Adult : $45 ++

Senior : $42.50 ++

Kids (7-12) $28 ++

Guests will also have the option of having the regular Meat and Seafood bbq buffet that is available every day. For this option, you can select unlimited seafood of calms, crayfish, prawns, crabs, oysters and more. Guests can also redeem half a lobster each.

Given the crowd and location, we highly recommend booking a reservation before
heading down. Details for reservation
can be found here.

The Three Peacocks

The Three Peacocks

8 Port Road, Labrador Park

Singapore 117540

Tel : 3129 2374


TWD was invited to TTP for a review. All opinions are of our own.


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