This TikTok mom found the simplest way to keep toddlers entertained


She took to the app to share an exercise that held her daughter fast paced for 15 minutes straight “in full silence.” Bless.

Mothers and fathers of toddlers are often on the hunt for an action that will preserve their kid focussed for additional than a couple of minutes at a time. If the exercise is tranquil and peaceful, that’s a bonus. If this sounds like you, appear no even more than this TikTok for some inspiration.

TikTok guardian Crissy (@imcrissyrodriguez) shares heaps of movies of herself and her daughter, Luca. In 1 recent online video, Crissy reveals how she and her spouse hold their toddler entertained for a whopping 15 minutes straight! Examine out the online video here.

@imcrissyrodriguez I are unable to keep in mind the very last time it is been this silent #joy #toddlertips #mother #toddlermom #toddlersoftiktok #toddlerplaying ♬ authentic sound – Crissy

Luca is observed relocating toys from a single box to one more, intensely concentrated on the exercise at hand. The caption in the video reads: “My partner googled ‘things to do with toddlers’ and they recommended providing them two boxes and then some stuff to place in each individual 1. And no joke she has been carrying out this for 15 minutes straight in comprehensive silence. 10/10 suggest.”

“I can not recall the previous time it is been this peaceful,” says Crissy in her caption.

Even though it could appear way too very simple to be true, Crissy has shared other videos of her toddler getting occupied by the most basic items.

In a person TikTok, Luca is taking part in with spoons and drinking water in a bowl in yet another, she generates her personal activity of not permitting her garlic bulb toy contact the counter, exactly where the caption suggests “We’re not confident why this is important but we never ask due to the fact this is how we retain peace in the household.”

Don’t overthink it and don’t ask way too numerous concerns! Just get a several containers and some smaller toys and wait for that unicorn of a audio you so not often hear you’d overlooked it exists: silence.

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