Toh Aquarium Review : Neighbourhood Aquarium for hobbyists. | The Wacky Duo

Toh Aquarium Review : Neighbourhood Aquarium for hobbyists. | The Wacky Duo

Wanting to established up an aquarium?

We are organizing to established up a mini Monster Fish tank and determined to scout about
Singapore for the ideal tankmates. Following checking out That Aquarium and OTF
aquarium, we made the decision to head to Toh Aquarium at Kallang as we ended up advised that
they have an interesting selection of Monster Fish.

Toh Aqaurium

Toh Aquarium will take up the corner shop underneath a HDB at Kallang Bahru. Its
centralised location intended that is considerably additional obtainable than the aquariums at
Pasir Ris or even Clementi. Seemingly, this aquarium has its roots from 328
Clementi, a block that is perfectly identified for a blend of aquarium retailers.

Turtles @ Toh Aquarium

This store considerably resembles a scaled-down edition of the very well identified Clementi
Florist and Aquarium or what a fish hobbyist simply call C328.  In conditions of
room and collection, it is a tad smaller but a ton far more organised.

At the entrance, you would come across a selection of tanks, pumps and everything that you
have to have to established up a home aquarium. Together with are aquatic crops, feeder fishes in
baggage, some little turtles and koi fish.

Bettas @ Toh Aquarium

Step inside, you will be greeted by tanks that are needly exhibited and
organised. On just one side ot the shop is a segment dedicated to Bettas.

Fishes @ Toh Aquarium

Wander more inwards and you will locate a respectable selection of fishes.

Stingrays @ Toh Aquarium

We spotted some intriguing choices for our Monster Fish Tank. There are
Stingrays, Purple Tail Catfish and even a several uncommon Tigrinus catfish, or else
recognized as the Zebra Catfish

Tigrinus catfish @ Toh Aquarium

The exhibit tanks had been perfectly maintained, brightly lit and simple to see.
Unlike some other aquarium we had been to, the fishes listed here appears to be like balanced in
their perfectly-held tanks.

Purple tail Catfish @ Toh Aquarium

A prevalent misconception for the new hobbyists is that fish would do properly in the
similar dimension tanks. If you are buying the fish, do some study 1st. For
occasion, these Red Tail Catfish may possibly look lovable in this modest tank, but they
will be monsters that increase as large as 1.5 meters!

So if you are arranging on getting some of these, make sure you have a pond and
not just a tank!

L333 @ Toh Aquarium 

For some thing additional manageable and just as attractive, you may want to
take into consideration these instead. The L333 or King Tiger Pleco would make a excellent small
tank aquarium fish. Not only does it thoroughly clean the tank of algae, it will only
grow to about 15cm, creating them wonderful tankmates.

Other than fish, you can also get your materials this sort of as meals and medication
below. Even though we did not examine the charges of the supplies, the costs of the
fish here are extremely aggressive. In conditions of pricing, we would level it as a single
of the improved spending plan aquariums in town. It is truly worth a check out if you intend to start off an aquarium.

Having there

The closest MRT would be DT24 Geylang. It is situated about 550m away.

Toh Aquarium

63 Kallang Bahru 

#01-435 Singaproe 330063

Opens Day by day 11am-9pm


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